Come on! Fake Minegishi is awful!!!

LOL Masuda Yuka said they look like the real AKB48!

Masuda Yuka 9/21

Monomane AKB48 ridiculously look like the real one(´Д` )!

At least, the fake Miichan looked like the real one.

Our Ace gave us the conclusion.

Tano Yuka 20:01 9/21

They don’t look like AKB!!



I can say fake Minegishi looks like Miichan, but come on~, she looks too old for 19!!!

Crap….. (except Takahashi Minami…)

Don’t insert a shot of Uchima (a part of comedian duo ‘Slim Club’) LOL

Uhmmmm they look so alike that I could mistake him with Mariko…

Why Mayuyu is so tall… LOL

Uhmm I think the fake general manager did quite a nice job.

The first photo look decent.
But closeups are awful LOL

I didn’t think they look alike when I saw photos, but yeah, they do look alike when I watched the video LOL

Fake Itano is more like fake Chikano….

It’s awful for sure, but if you ask me whether they look alike or not, I would say yes….

This fake Takamina is kinda like combination of Umecha and Takamina.

I realized how real AKB girls are skinny!!!.

Looks like it was impossible to find Kojima Haruna look alike….

Fake Yukirin is more like fake Rena.

I love fake Takamina and fake Itano. They rock!

It’s not about whether they look alike or not.
They just gathered a slightly? ugly girls in order to launch negative campaign against AKB48…..

NOoooo These girls are having fun from emulating AKB48 girls!

They try to emulate the members style, say hairstyles in order to look more alike them!

Why don’t we take this as something we can appreciate!!



Actually I have an impression they will be the closest friends in the new team A…

WOww what a nice photo!!

Yeah, I have that feeling too! Both of them like fashion so much, so it’s quite likely to be true!

Moeno… Congratulations…. I’m so happy about this…

And, Shinoda….. thank you so much!!!



Kojima Haruna 9/21

My upper arm was occupied after the theater performance! I’m eating Chou a la creme that we were gifted in one hand(´・_・`)


( ゚∀゚ )

How serious her gaze was LOL

Because her technique is so awesome, her hand is blurred in the photo LOL


Yesterday’s Tomochin’s surprise appearance at the press conference of the festival that Acchan serves as it’s PR face, was fake Tomochin LOL

What the hell? LOL

Oh, is this the person who often came to handshake event?

Again this guy…

I think she meant to harm as she deliberately wore a mask in order to look more alike Tomochin….

Because of this person, once Tomochin was slammed that she skipped a handshake event….

I feel sorry for Tomochin.

This is the offender for pleasure. LOL

Come to think of it, it’s crazy if an idol is dressed in a panther pattern dress when she go to a place where there’re tons of cameramans in her private time…..

So even Acchan was fooled by this guy….

As an impersonator, probably she felt exhilarated when she heard it LOL