“XX!! Don’t stare at me!!” pictures of AKB48 Members

  September 11, 2012

Ok now I understand “XX Don’t stare at me” is not just Kitarie but it’s a special ability for all members of Ota production!!

Annin proved that she is a member of Ota Production!!!!

 LOL Whatever, no one can beat Kitarie.

No, the pioneer who’ve made this one something that can be dubbed “special skill” is Kojiharu. Kitarie and Yuihan are just successors of “Kojiharu Don’t stare at me”

Come on, I think I said “let’s share Don’t Stare at Me” pictures of members but not Kitarie…..

Oh I would rather want to see the collection of Kitarie! Don’ Stare at Me pictures…


The last one….. LOL

I remember in commentary of AX, she said she wants to emulate Yukirin and “look directly at camera”. Maybe…. that’s it…?

This is from today’s Maribro (9/10)

 And this is also from Maribro. Mayuyu!!!!

LOL She doesn’t look at me!!!

It can’t be helped…. Foods always win….