Which Girl Is Cuter, Mayuyu or Milky? W-Watanabe Of Team B

  April 30, 2012

As Milky (Miyuki Watanabe) joins in team B temporarily, now team B has 2 popular Wananabe named W-Watanabe (like W-Matsui in team S of SKE48). As both Watanabe have an outstanding number of fans, Ota could’t help but start a discussion on which Watanabe is cuter.

From two channel “Which is more Kawaii, W-Watanabe of Team B
LoL there’s no way to make a comparison between them, since Milky is nowhere near Milky. Mayuyu wins by 5 horse body length leads!!
They are totally different!
Mayuyu is kinda like 2 dimension idol who doesn’t look like living human, doesn’t have sin texture.
Milky is girly, cute and funny, a girl who everyone want to hang out with.
It all comes down to your personal preference.
Show me images!
I love both, but in still images, Mayuyu looks by far cuter.
Have you watched Manatsu no MV?
These two girls are not erasing their own advantages each other, but they are rather leveraging each other!!!
In a simple term, it’s an additive effect!
I really want to see them together in team B’s show!!!
 To my eyes, Milky looks exactly Sashiko… (<- really? they look completely different! So are their personalities.)
So I choose Milky…
By the way it’s Maachun (Mayu Ogasawara) who looks like Sashiko. Not Milky I think..?
Either way both are indisputably top-class talents.
If Milky is Real Madrid, Milky is Atletico Madrid. (<-????)
Of course Mayuyu wins!!!
How come?? Milky has the most plain face in NMB.
There’s no flaw in her face, and her smile is……. deadly cute!!!!!!
Yes. If there’re smile ranking in AKB, nobody can stack up to Milky….
Since Mayuyu has by far larger number of fans, it’s natural many say Mayuyu wins.
But if you take off your bias…. what you’ll see?
Personally I think both are damn cute!!!
What? There’s obvious deference!
Mayuyu wins by overwhelming lead!!
I think if you are just talking about physical sense of beauty, then Mayuyu is more beautiful.
But what makes Milky so popular is her cute face expressions and Kansai-Dialect!
So true…
I’m impressed by the fact that Milky has come to the point where she is compared to Mayuyu…
Time passes so quickly..
My personal impression,
Mayuyu 85/100
Milky 80/100
Sashiko 60/100
Maachun 55/100
Mayuyu is Pet, Milky is Girlfriend.
If we are talking about AKB as ‘idol who you can meet’, then I want to meet Milky more than Mayuyu.
But if it’s ‘idol who you can’t meet’, then I think Mayuyu better suites the concept.
I totally agree with you.
Milky has a real smell as a girl, while Mayuyu looks so cute but she doesn’t look real existence.
Ideal idol is Milky
Perfect idol is Mayuyu
These two look similar but different concepts.
Either way, it’s a dream-like team, which has Mayuyu, Yukirin and Milky at the same time!!!
I think Milky and Mayuyu is supplementing each other’s shortcomings.
I hope they will be a nice pair.
 Come on how it can be fair to compare 5th place and out of ranking member????
Looking wise, I think it’s gonna be like this
Kojiharu 90
Mariko 85
Mayuyu 82
Milky 80
I think it makes no sense to digitize their beauty…
Beauty has variety of factors.
LOL You guy are crackheads!!
Mayuyu vs Milky???? Milky is 10 steps ahead of Mayuyu as an idol. She has an inborn talent to be an idol!!
I think who benefits this W-Watanabe name is Milky.
As I watch MV, though Milky is always smiling, I felt strong ambition from her. It can be called rivalry.
Mayuyu may just think Milky is her mate, since she is basically a soft-hearted person…
Both have something in common…. Both don’t have something make themselves break through to be indisputable star idols. Will they cooperate together to find this???
I like both Mayuyu and Milky. As people stated they have completely different types of charm, which for me seems to be both dangerous and attractive.
Though Milky is sometimes (always?)  described as devilish, she looks very mild to girls, and since they are totally different both in personalities and appearance, I want they have good chemistry (Though I have no idea how they will befriend with…. I just can’t picture, but this unpredictableness makes me much anticipate what they will bring next!)