Mayuyu Unconsciously Became Her Character In The Drama ‘Saba-Dol’

  April 25, 2012
Funny and Touching story of Mayuyu…

If you want to watch AKB’s thatre Revue online, the only way is to be a paid member of DMM. DMM is delivering all the theatre Revue of AKB48, and it comes with some bonus items exclusive for DMM customers. So what I’m trying to say here? On 22th Apr, AKB theatre held birthday celebration festival for Mayuyu, and she presented special message card to DMM viewers. Somehow, I found this card in the middle of chaotic this internet world. But why this is uploaded? The reason is…

“17 and 1 month years old” <--- what? You're now 18 and 1 month old yeas old, ainchu? The story goes on to her-starring Drama “Saba-Dol”, in which she played a role of forever-17-years-old idol. lol So what this card suggests is she became the Drama character in real (or she just made mistake).

And!!!! Look the frigana above her name 渡辺麻友!!!! It reads Watanabe Mayuyu!!!!! lol

The massage continues to say “Thank you so much for such a wonderful present for me to celebrate my birthday. I got so nervous. Though I’ve been in AKB48 for years, I become shy when I am celebrated by such many people in person… Because I got nervous so much, I couldn’t speak properly… I’m so sorry, and I’m going to improve this. I am going to become a more good speaker! So many fans support me even though I’m far from perfect… I love you so much. You are my unexchangeable treasure. Still I’m far from perfect person, but I’m doing my best to change myself. Thank you for your support and hope you will continue supporting me”

Mayuyu fans reacted “Okay guys, from now we never can tell her she’s 18 years old!!! We must say like she is 17 and 13 months years old!!!!”

Okaasan’s message card to Mayuyu must make you cry…

Yukirin “Today I was at Mayuyu’s birthday celebration festival. She is now 18 y/o. Looking back, she has grown so much (looking far away in sentimental face). Mayuyu was so cute. Unlike usual her, she was a bit nervous on the stage. ω`) I just want to be with her, that’s all my wish (´ー`). Wish this is going to be wonderful year for Mayuyu…. Yukirin”

Mother’s day interview Mayuyu

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