Mayuyu, Are You Okay? ‘GanbariMayuyu!’ at Shake-Hand Event in Sendai

  April 15, 2012

Today, Yukirin and Togasaki (manager) uploaded photos of Mayuyu at shake-hand event at Sendai Clinex Stadium.
She of course is super cute as always but looks a bit tired, understandably?? I feel bad  when I see her smile I tend to forget about how hard she push herself for fans and AKB….

Yukirin’s blog!! Now everyone admits she is a mascot of New York Mets, but today she was told that she looks like xx by one fan.
今日のネ申トーク柏木由紀 オフィシャルブログ powered by Ameba-7cfd4edc6f404a244caafcd61c7417b4.gif Today’s Kami talk (talk event)!
「最もキャラクターっぽいのは?」 という質問で、 The question was “Who looks like a (Anime, toy, doll) Character?”

「ヨッシーに似ている」 と言われました(´Д` )笑  I was told “She looks like Yoshi” lol
5年くらい前に言われてたけど、まさかこのタイミングでまた言われるとは。笑  I was told that five years ago, but I didn’t think someone say that to me at this time.

ヨッシー。 Yoshi..
確かに似てなくもないよね( ̄▽ ̄)笑  I don’t think Yoshi doesn’t look like me lol

Yukirin said today she met Mayuyu after a long time but actually since they are in the same team (B), they were together at work on last friday. She said Friday’s photoshooting was conducted cold outside, which probably was the reason for Mayuyu’s sickness??
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