Info: Shake-Hand Event Commemorating The Release Of Theater Edition of Sashiko’s Solo Debut Single

  April 5, 2012

To commemorate the release of Rino Sashihara’s (指原莉乃) solo debut single, it’s announced that a memorial shake-hand event is to be held.
People who buy theater-version of the sinlge “それでも好きだよ”  at mu-mo(ミュウモ) will be presented a lottery ticket for the event.

Mu-mo shop – Rino Sashihara Shake-hand event

~『それでも好きだよ』劇場盤「発売記念 握手会」開催日と会場~
~”Soredemo Sukidayo” Celebrating the Release of Theater-version Shake-Hand event: Time and Place ~ 
幕張メッセ Makuhari Messe
[part1] 10:00~11:30

[part12] 12:00~13:30

[part13] 14:30~16:00

[part14] 16:30~18:00

[part15] 18:30~20:00

■application for the lottery
From 4/6(金)17:00 to 4/10(火)12:00

Note: 本商品(指原莉乃『それでも好きだよ』 劇場盤[握手会参加券付き])は、mu-moショップにて抽選申し込みをし、 当選した方のみがご購入いただける商品です。If you couldn’t win the lottery, you can’t buy this theater-version record.

Rino Sashihara’s first solo single will go on sale 2th May.