Too-Perfect New Talent – 13th AKB48 Trainee Kaoru Mitsumune

  April 5, 2012

How you read her name 光宗薫? This is hard even for me.. Some says this is a name of Japanese sword, like Masamune or Murasame… yes… her name has exactly the same sound as these swords. Her name is Kaoru MITSUMUNE.

She is a 13th trainee of AKB48, she is the oldest of all 13th trainees, and before she turned to this career, she won the Kobe Collection Model Audition!!!
She has a really nice sense of fashion and super cute looking,
She had worked at Maid Cafe, and loves anime, manga, game, and voice actresses!!
Above all, she’s never had boyfriend!!
Of course, she’s brought a hurricane to Japanese online community that she is too perfect to be in AKB48 (in positive way).
Too beautiful xx is a kind of buzz word in Japan, and she has already named “Too beautiful trainee”.
She is beautiful in any hair style (she styles her hair by herself!!), 
Putting her in different hair styles makes this post looks like hair style catalog…
So handsome from the side!!
At the tender age of 18, she already looks like Fashion Icon…
How perfect she is she has even cute Ahiru-Guchi!!
In this shot she is like from Anime… too perfect to be real…
More like a fashion guru than a AKB48 trainee…
The shot taken when she worked at Maid cafe.
Her photo for the audition (for AKB48)
Despite she looks so different from our usual AKB48 to have a chemistry with other members, actually she’s already ahead of the rest of 13th trainee. She is the only member from trainee who made appearance at AKB48 Kohaku Utagassen 2011, and performed a song with Haruka Simazaki adn Suzuran Yamauchi (both from team 4 of AKB48)
She is also a amazing illustrator!!
Can you find her in this photo?
She is clearly generating the biggest hurricane as a rookie member of AKB48, surely bigger than Aimi Eguchi, the computer generated girl, which draw some harsh critique from some fans. Even though she seems already polished well enough, it’s still unclear that how she can make it in this group. Also, she is completely contradicting to the concept of AKB48 “an idol who you nurture”, but when it goes far enough to this level, conversely it becomes so interesting to see what happens next :))