Jurina (SKE48) Takes Medical Leave. Is She Working Too Hard For Her Age?

  April 1, 2012
Since we heard the news of her illness, we’ve all concerned about Jurina Matsui.

Yesterday, the manager of SKE theater tweeted “As for Jurina’s condition, she is now taking a rest on bed. Loud noise or loud voice make her sick. We will keep updating her status.”

This tweet made some speculation from fans that she may be mentally damaged, or even she will eventually resign the group.
Last month, it was announced that Jurina joins AKB48 for a limited time while holding her position in SKE48. Despite her looking, she has just become a high-school student yesterday. It seems general opinion goes to accuse Akip and other managers who pushed Jurina so hard to stardom.

Here is the time table of Jurina’s hand-shake event schedule.

1/28 オキドキ全国版@東京
1/29 片想いFinally全国版@東京
2/5 AKB48上からマリコ劇場盤@東京
2/18 片想いFinally劇場盤@名古屋
2/19 片想いFinally全国盤@名古屋
3/3 片想いFinally劇場盤@名古屋
3/17 片想いFinally全国盤@名古屋
3/18 片想いFinally劇場盤@横浜
3/20 片想いFinally全国盤@大阪
3/24 片想いFinally劇場盤@福岡
3/25 片想いFinally全国盤@福岡
3/31 片想いFinally全国盤@大阪
4/1 片想いFinally劇場盤@大阪
4/7 AKB48 GIVE ME FIVE!劇場盤@東京
4/8 AKB48 GIVE ME FIVE!劇場盤@東京
4/28 片想いFinally劇場盤@横浜
4/29 AKB48 GIVE ME FIVE!劇場盤@東京
4/30 片想いFinally劇場盤@大阪

 On top of SKE’s evens, Jurina also joins some of AKB’s events since she is a selected member of some of singles of AKB.

AkiP’s explained the reason of Jurina’s move to AKB48, “Jurina is a very responsible girl. She worked too hard when she is in SKE48, because there’s no one who can substitute her in the group. She’d better have more easy environment in AKB48, under Shinoda and Takamina.” AkiP has favored Jurina since he first met her at the audition. Right after he saw her at the audition, he said “I found rough diamond.”

We hope she will get better soon, and during her time in AKB48 we also hope Jurina will learn from Kojiharu the way to live easy.