AkiP’s abnormal love for Jurina Matsui

  March 29, 2012

On AkiP’s google+ page…

Jurina~~~! Thank you for a comment.
It’s cold these days, take care not to have a cold.
And… dont’t forget your study!!

*Jurina is 14 y/o junior high school student.

Yeahhhhhhh Sir!!
Yasusu Papa!!

*AkiP’s full name is Yasushi Akimoto, Yasusu is a nickname for him only Jurina uses.

The target of AkiP’s not so normal affection is not only her, but it was super famous that AkiP always favors Atsuko Maeda, which made fans of other members mad and generated rumors that Akip unfairly gives Atsuko Maeda a better role.

Jurina Matsui (SKE48, AKB48)
Atsuko Maeda