After The Tearful Night, Atsuko Maeda Left Tokyo for HK

  March 26, 2012
Minami Takahashi embraced Atsuko Maeda

One night after the moving speech on her leave from AKB48 at Saitama Arena, Atsuko Maeda left Tokyo to Hong Kong to attend the event to commemorate the 40 years anniversary of Normalization of diplomatic relation of the two countries.

Wearing border pattern jackt, black hot pants and tights in the same color, holding Animal doll in her arm, she looked relaxed. She didn’t respond to the questions, “Whole nation are surprised”, or “How do you feel now?” from reporters.

According to the general election held last June, Atsuko Maeda was by far the most famous figure of AKB48 in Hong Kong.

(source: Asahi, Yahoo Japan)