Satou Amina explained why she removed Sashihara Rino from her G+ circle

  May 5, 2012
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Amina (佐藤亜美菜) G+

There’s nothing more hurt-breaking than my mom saw two channel’s thread on me….

Mom aksed me ‘Do you hate Sassy??’

…… come on…  if I hated her, why I bought her CD????

BTW the reason I removed her is not because I wanted to see Uitan (古森結衣 of HKT),

But because my smartphone couldn’t stand Sassy’s outstanding posts and froze for 6 times, so I had to temporarily remove her from my circle…

But it’s no problem since I’m checking her G+ on my mom’s smartphone.

Sigh… I hate myself writing this kind of post…

But I can’t dare to stand if someone rumored that Sassy and I are in bad relationship… just like my previous case with Acchan…

But it’s all my fault to bring this misunderstanding!

I’m sorry to all who felt frustrated by my misconduct…


4gen Amina Satoh
5gen Rino Sashihara

This is no problem!!… No, it can’t be explained by her longer career than Sassy, but… yeah I can feel her pain it’s unimaginable pain…. think about it… your mom saw online forum where you are fiercely bashed by anonymous people….

I think Fans reaction can be summarized in this one comment,

“There’s nothing wrong with Amina-chan. But I wanted you to deal with this smarter way.
BTW I also want you to have smarter body. Amina’s mom, please help her to have healthy diet!!”

NOTE: Though I often cited two channel, REAL two channel is full of crazy comments which I think most of non-Japanese will be confused (or even can’t understand at all). We always only pick up several educated comments from tons of haters comments.

But Yukirn sent Sashiko this image she found in two channel,

And she even can make fun of herself (her nose which commonly called Garlic!!) I have to say Yukirin is smart.

Though some people may think it’s her fault not to have explained the reason for the first place, reactions in two channel were  more awful than you can possibly imagine… making her comment (wrote in a little angry mood) understandable.