Waruky is 100% being normal Waruky even during Sashihara-Matsuri, Oppai! etc.

  May 5, 2012

AKB G+ today’s second PickUp!

1. Waruky is normally operating
2. Oppai-chan commented Oppai
3. Chihou-gumi!!

Waruky is 100% being normal Waruky even during Sashihara-Matsuri

Despite G+ has been almost completely occupied with Sashiko’s 300 updates challenge, NMB and AKB’s Milky aka Waruky keeps coloring her G+ with her unique worldview.

Milky (渡辺美優紀) G+

When will I change my hairstyle to short?
Uhm? Do you favor long? lol”

“Will you stop liking me if I changed to short hairstyle(´д⊂)‥? 

Fans has been reacting her posts with comments like “LOL She is so strong.” “She is never shaken by outside force!!” “As always she is fishing us with trawl net even tonight LOL” “But I was scolded by Milky when I called her Waruky at the Shake-hands event lately….” “That’s because she was in Waruky mode then!”
“So how did she react?
1. Mouuuu! Stop it lol (in sweet voice)
2. …………. (disgusted face)”
“Maybe 2……… OMG”

Right middle in those hot conversation fans are enjoying, Waruky then again threw trawl net into G+ to fish tons of more fans…

Milky G+

“Uhmmmmmmmmmmmmm(´;ω;`)ウッ… “

It’s not Sashiko, it’s Milky. But at a quick glance they look alike each other, don’t they? But their aura have completely different colors…

Milky (During photoshooting) “I got hungry…. Please have lunch together lol”

Mliky is genius… It’s impossible to resist her charm..

SayaNee “Oppai”

SayaNee aka NMB’s Oppai-chan commented to Sashiko’s post in which she wrote about her (small) Oppai.

Sashiko G+

“Today’s fashion. Tube top one-piece. Because I don’t have big Oppai, it’s naturally dragged down… But baceuse I don’t have big Oppai, nobody will notice this.”

SayaNee “Oppai”

It was a Oppai comment from Oppai-chan who is at the height of reputation as Oppai king. lol

Sashiko G+

“I gave up drinking soy milk…. Now I’m trying massage cream presented from Yuko-chan.”

Annin “1st comment!! I’m aiming at..”

Annin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Though I don’t know what she is aiming at (probably 1st comment? It’s more easy to understand after translated into English lol), I am in indescribable happiness for seeing all of my angles meet together on G+!!
Uhmmm I am a bit overreacting?

SayaNee G+

“I visited Sashihara-san’s G+ and left a comment! Since she was talking about Oppai, I wrote,


That’s it!”

See? This is the Sashihara-quality that she is being ridiculed by her juniors!! But maybe it’s not all because of Sashiko, but SayaNee is known for her destroyer character, such as she is famous for having protested to censorship by NMB’s management on members G+ posts and successfully gained AkiP’s support to win freedom of speech. But SayaNee is also a great entertainer, isn’t she!

Chihou Gumi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As she always speaks, Chihou gumi members are Sashiko’s home in Tokyo and home of her soul. Though it’s not clear who exactly Chihou gumi members are, Sashiko in last night uploaded a photo she took with Chihou gumi members.

Sashiko G+

Sashiko’s real off-shot!! Chiou gumi!! And Taiikuzuwari!!

Shizuka Ohya, Sashihara, Rie Kitahara and Yuuka Nakanishi(now in SKE)

(So…. basically Chihou-gumi members are exactly the same as we were thinking about.)

This is the Taiikuzuwari. Every Japanese learns to sit this way in elementary school <- half true half lie
Anyway I saved this photo at the speed of light. In my opinion, this is an amazingly artistic photo!