AKB48 New Service will start!!! (2012.07.08) Updated

  June 30, 2012

Countdown site: http://akb48.newpr.jp/


On the site there is a video:

“This summer
A new service will start!
A new idol tradition will begin”

Last time Google+ was a new service. (unless there was another new one)

“Member will POP UP from SCREEN!?!? Projected in 3D!?”

“Just complete your collection is not interesting enough anymore!!”

“It seems like special equipments were used in the filming…. Members raised surprised voices.

“The secret lies in the background of “Count Down Clock”!!”

“Oshima Yuko’s special ability is “Win the election”!?”

“Speaking of which, what happened to that akb provider thing?
That thing which was like “Why not make a baby with Yuko?””

(Site Info)
“Domain Information:
[Domain Name] NEWPR.JP

[Registrant] MTI Ltd.

[Name Server] ns1.mti.ne.jp
[Name Server] ns2.mti.ne.jp
[Signing Key]

[Registration Date] 2012/06/14
[Expiration Date] 2013/06/30
[Status] Active
[Last Update] 2012/06/14 13:22:31 (JST)

Contact Information: [Public Contact Window]
[Name] MTI Ltd.
[Email] mti_domainmgr@mti.co.jp
[Web Page]
[Postal Code] 163-1435
[Postal Address] Shinjuku-ku
3-20-2 Nishi-Shinjuku
Tokyo Opera City Tower 35F
[TEL No.] 03-5333-6789
[FAX No.] 03-5333-6791 “

“They said that it would be a new idol tradition so I guess it’ll be amazing, but I don’t really know (‘A`)”

“Tokyo Opera City?

Out of place once again lol”

“I lined up the images from the Countdown.

05 is missing because of Sashihara?
Also, is someone else missing?”
UPDATE: New Service has been revealed…