Nattsun in a PINCH! (Updated)

  June 14, 2012

From a Google+ post by Kojima Natsuki today (6/12) at 2:52pm (JST)

Crap! Something’s happened!
Just now when I was thinking of making curry, then went to cut up potatoes, I sneezed!

And the moment I sneezed a sharp pain ran through my lower back, then I ended up squatting from it.

Since then I haven’t stood up.
Eh? What is this!? Crap!
I’ll stay calm…
But first I have to stand up! But my lower back hurts… I can’t stand up!
Eh? What should I do?… What should I do? (´;ω;`)(´;ω;`)(´;ω;`)
What kind of phenomenon is this!?
I also can’t reach my mum by phone….

Then, in the comments of her Google+ Post:

Sasaki Yukari

Don’t be too upset! I’m with you  (^_^)?
6  hours ealier – 6/12 14:53 +128

Sasaki Yukari 
Are you all right? (・_・;)?
6  hours ealier  – 6/12 14:53 +127

Sasaki Yukari 
6  hours ealier  – 6/12 14:54 +118

Sasaki Yukari 
Worry, worry, worry, worry?
6  hours ealier  – 6/12 14:55 +115

Tano Yuuka
Strained backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk?????
6  hours ealier  – 6/12 14:56 +129

Tano Yuuka 
Shall we call the police!!!?
6 hours ealier  – 6/12 14:56 +125

Tano Yuuka 
How about calling your manager (´・ω・`)? 
What!? Concert today! ??
6 hours ealier  – 6/12 15:00 +114

Kojima Natsuki
I contacted my mum’s workplace! She’s coming for me!

I’ve made you all worry!

For now because I can’t move, I’ll just sleep in the kitchen lol?
6 hours ealier  – 6/12 15:01 +164

Kojima Natsuki 
Yukarun, Tano!

This is very serious! Come and save me ( ;∀;)( ;∀;)( ;∀;)( ;∀;)?
6 hours ealier  – 6/12 15:03 +137

Tano Yuuka 
I’m now on the train!  (´・ω・`)?
6 hours ealier  – 6/12 15:06 +109

Kawaei Rina 
A strained back!?
6 hours ealier  – 6/12 15:11 +111

Kawaei Rina  
6 hours ealier  – 6/12 15:12 +101

Kawaei Rina  

Stand up!?
6 hours ealier  – 6/12 15:12 +110

Kawaei Rina 

6 hours ealier  – 6/12 15:12 +111

Sasaki Yukari 
For the time being
just rest, okay? (^_^)!

Me and Tano-chan
will go to do the concert after this(^_^)?
6 hours ealier  – 6/12 15:14 +117

Sasaki Yukari 
Nattsun, you don’t answer my call??? (@_@。  

Just rest, okay!?
6 hours earlier – 6/12 15:16 +112

Note: strained back is very critical as AKB48 is basically all about stage performance. Kawaei’s comment is taken from famous Manga Ashita no Joe (Tomorrow’s Joe) which is a encouraging word to Joe, a boxer, facing a tough fight on the ring “Stand up, Stand up Joe!!!”, and naturally she got a little criticism from fans in G+. Tano-chan also made a nonsensical comment. Both comments were made because they are lacking knowledge of the symptom and how former members of AKB were forced to leave the group because of strained back.
My wish for her good health and early come back…

UPDATE: She posted something in her Google+ post  6/14 18:21

It’s been a while!

I’m sorry that I can’t be in the theatre concert tomorrow…

Aiya, I’m really sorry to the fans that were worried about me.
But also thank you very much! (´;ω;`)♡

I’m looking forward to being able to meet everyone on Sunday! \(^^)/♥