Karen and Renacchi get Unfairly Strong Promotion from Management?

  May 29, 2012
“Because of huge support for Renacchi and Iwata from Management, popular members, Kawaei and Juri have become alienated”

Kawaei and Juri have enjoyed huge popularity as young members of team 4, but because of management’s  recent decision to promote Iwata and Renacchi, Kawaei and Juri have been poorly treated these days.”
I can’t think of any reason that they don’t support Dead Eye….
We don’t have to worry about them. They will surely become front members in the future. See the bigger picture. Don’t be upset by what’s happening right now!
But obviously Kawaei-chan and Juri-chan are cuter than them…
It’s because management doesn’t give promotional support to popular members who can do fine by themselves!
Karen and Renacchi can’t gain a fan base without help from management… that’s the reason…
By the way, all of them are currently out of the rankings…. lol
Though it’s belated to say, it doesn’t make sense that Karen and Katoh got promoted to Team 4 before Natsuki Kojima and Yukari Sasaki
While Lemon has been forgotten by management…. Iriyama and Katoh appears in the album artwork of the single!?!? This is ridiculous….

But those girls can’t be compared with Paruru, who even appears in this….

I think it’s just because Paruru is senior to other members. She was in AKB48 before them

They just want to leave a record that “they’d given opportunities” to Karen and Renacchi.
If they can’t live up to the promotion they get, then they will be soon abandoned.
But since Kawaei and Juri have huge potential as idols, they have a long vision for the promotion of these 2 girls.
I completely understand why Iwata got promoted. She has the stuff. But why Katoh?
At least, she should change her hairstyle and eyebrows to look more sophisticated if she makes TV appearances…
Acchan: born in July 10
Renacchi: born in July 10
Alright…. so it’s destiny…
Haha… management really loves these things. 
Like…. Minegishi and TGSK have a same birthday.
Takamina’s birthday is April 8…..
Why they don’t support Miyu! She is popular, isn’t she!?
Come on… Miyu had a huge promotional support already… But she couldn’t get any results…. you gotta admit it….

I don’t need Karen, Katoh and Iriyama. Give Kawaei, Miorin and Mariyagi more opportunities!

This is ridiculous!! This is so unfair for Kawaei and Juri

Paruru   18/18③
Kawaei   18/18④
Juri 16/18

Karen   *5/*9
Renacchi *4/*9

No… that means Kawaei and Juri don’t need explicit support, because they’ve already become popular by themselves.
If they don’t promote Karen and Renacchi, the gap between them and Kawaei, Juri will become bigger and bigger….
By the way where’s Tano-chan…..
Don’t worry, Tano-chan has been loved by many fans on G+.

Maybe…. they are worrying about Tano-chan’s “Panic”?
Like… will she get so upset that she answers “Tanotanotanotano-!!” to a question from press?
I want Tano-chan to overtake them again….
I can sympathize with Karen because she is a victim of the earthquake.
But… Katoh being favored so much has been a puzzle to me…… 
Maybe she had many votes in the last election, I guess.
Magazine Spica featured her this time last year…
All 4 of these members have a chance to be Senbatsu in the next generation.
So they want to keep balance among them so that no one will be demotivated and drop out.
As everyone wrote already, Kawaei and Juri have already become popular so they don’t necessarily need promotional support from management.
You guys are too optimistic… None of these 4 members will be popular…..
Their names weren’t even in the top64 of the early result….

 Elections are more about how many members’ fans can buy hundreds of records for their Oshi-men. It doesn’t indicate how popular they are, especially when they are in relatively low positions.
If Paruru loses her momentum, I think one of these 2 girls will get promoted like Yuihan in 2010 or Paruru in recent months…

 No… Probably, the next girl who will be the Oshi of management is the member who will be promoted to team A to fill the hole left by Acchan. I guess she is from 13gen.
Are Kawaei and Juri cute? Really? I don’t understand their cuteness very well…
It’s up to your preferences, like…. Maeda and Oshima, it’s difficult to reach consensus about who is cuter than the other.
Many fans see Kawaei as their Second-Oshi, sort of. So she is very popular at Hand-Shake events, but not so much in the election,
because there are some fans who concentrate all the budget on their First-Oshi, while others vote for many members.
Because most votes in the early results were from AKB Mobile etc, I guess most of votes were for First-Oshi.
Those people are now voting “CD ballots” for their Second-Oshi, so Kawaei and Juri will definitely rank up in the final result! 

Karen is a star of Anime AKB0048, and they need her as a singer and dancer, all-round performer for AKB48‘s stage!!
She is the kind of member whose talent AkiP wants to cultivate no matter how many other members are more popular than her.

Juri-chan made fun of me when I did cosplay at a Hand-Shake event…. I’ll never go to Hand-Shake events to meet her!!

Karen is amazing on a stage…. she also looks marvelous in TV, so I think Karen is a right choice. …..Who is Renacchi by the way?

As some already said the stage performances of Kawaei and Juri are lacking something to capture our hearts. Kawaei looks cute on TV and her acting is lovely. But Messhi leaves a lot to be desired.
I don’t think Karen is cute at all, but she is outstanding in stage performances, and I love how she puts her everything into all the work she’s involved with.
I have no idea what these people who don’t frequent the theaters talking about, but most of them who are bashing Karen are ignorant.
I have no impression about Renacchi by the way.

Katoh has an inborn elegance and perfect body, while Karen has the caliber of Takamina in all aspects….
You’ll never have a single doubt why they get huge promotion from management if you’ve ever seen their stage performances…!!

Karen was always pushing herself  to the limit in Ariyoshi Kyowakyoku. Ariyoshi said “Karen is awesome.” as he was watching VTR’s of Karen.
Karen is good at singing, dancing. Once, Sae and Reinyan said “Karen is so captivating.” “I can’t take my eyes off of her when she performs in an unit!!”
She would get 100% promotion even if she wasn’t a victim of the earthquake.

Renacchi has an adult mood at her tender age!! And I’ve never seen such a determined attitude that I’ve seen in Karen from other members of AKB48, including 超Senbatsu.
Don’t worry, one year from now, everybody will have become fans of these 2 girls!

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