Who is Renacchi (Rena Kato)? Introduction to the cutest new face of AKB48

  April 19, 2012
The moon is so beautiful…

After the abbouncement of Media Senbatsu for the new single “Manatsu no Sounds Good” and it’s album cover for type-B, I noticed one member I haven’t recognized her face, yet alone her name. Her name is Rena Katoh aka Renacchi. She is in the far left of the album cover along with other next faces of AKB.

She looks so pretty, isn’t it? Ok I figured it’s time to dig. I found Matome(wrap-up) site for her at Naver.
Nikkan says “We confirmed in upcoming new commercial for Gumi Candy ‘Puccho’ AKB48 pass the candy mouth to mouth each other.(when you watch video, you’ll understand)” “During the filming, members were laughing that they got nervous because they rarely put faces so close to each other. The commercial will go on-air on 15th Mar.”
In America and other parts of the world, there’s no way to watch Japanese commercial except on Youtube!
Uhmmm, I don’t want to say any negative things, but to be fair, I understand why there’s so much dislike…. 
According to J-Cast, Acchan commented “I tried to be careful so that it doesn’t look like just kissing.” Yukirin added “Receiver part is difficult than Passer part.”
So what I’m talking about? Yeah yeah, I’m talking about Renacchi, and she is the only member from trainee class who co-starred the commercial. She kissed Sashiko!!
Top: Mariko & Mayuyu, Center: Sashiko & Renacchi, Bottom: Tomochin & Minami (Takamina)
I’m stunned that she already appeared in AKB’s (I can say almost signature) commercial “Wonda Coffeeand “Kaspersky sofware“, (by the way until a couple years ago, Wonda commercial had starred Tiger Woods) at the tender age of 14…
(For more videos, google “加藤玲奈”!)

Harricane Rikimaru made a really summary of her profile!
I quote from his Naver page,

So what kind of girl Renacchi is?

Born in 10 July 1997 in Chiba pref, 14 y/o
Her Nickname is Renacchi
She is the youngest in 10th generation members (Now she is in team 4)

Her catch-phrase is “Are docchi miteruno? Acchi? Kocchi? Renacchi~~ I’m Rena Katoh aka Renacchi!”
“It’s just a light feeling made me join the audition for AKB. I want to be a model, and AKB48 is very popular in my class, and my father recommended me to try it.”

Promoting Support From Management of AKB

Togasaki manager “I can’t believe she is the youngest member on the stage. She is poised, and able to show enriched performance. Watching her heals my heart.” lol (Now, Karen Iwata is the youngest member of team 4)

Weekly Playboy blowing trumpet for her wrote, “As a newcomer for the year of 2012, Rena Katoh will be promoted onto the big stage!!” (Now she is on the album cover of 26th single!!) She was on the cover of 2011’s final issue of Weekly Playboy along with famous names, Acchan, Yukirin, Mayuyu, Sashiko, Yui Yokoyama, Rena Matsui and Jurina Matsui. In the interview with Playboy, while other 7 members talk a lot, Renacchi was silent until the very end, asked what was the biggest news for her in 2011, she answered “Today! I was told ‘Tomorrow you’ll join Playboy’s photoshooting session’, and I was like ‘This must be a dream’, then I’m on the front cover! I want My Grandmother to see this!” 
I’m dead. She is deadly cute…. This is my personal opinion but I think she looks sooooo Okinawan (Nigahiga!!)