As Acchan Leaves The Group, Sayaka Is Forging Her Path In Musical

  April 19, 2012

When we talk about which major members of AKB48 will graduate next, we don’t have to speculate anymore since these days some members have clearly made their intention of “After AKB” clear tough it doesn’t mean they will graduate soon. Sayaka Akimoto is one of those members and expressed her extraordinary emotion toward Acting.

According to Sanspo,

Sayaka Akimoto responded to question from media at the photoshooting session for brochure of Musical “Roman Holiday”, in which she plays a role of Princess Ann.

 Needless to say this is the musical adaption of legendary film “Roman Holiday”, and revival of 2010 musical adaption, which boldly starred only 3 main characters of the movie, Ann, News reporter Joe Bradley and photographer Erving.
Akimoto, dressed in the costume of princess Ann for the session, said “It gets my body tight.” “It makes me feel fashionable and behave like Audrey” with a smile. This story will be her first full participation in Musical, and Akimoto explained her determination “No song, no dance, I have only acting for this, and it gets me nervous. I could manage to keep up the pace, but it’s hard. But I think I’m so lucky to be this tough environment. I do my best to contribute the success of the musical, and want to show different faces of me through this challenge.
Looking back the moment when she got the job offer for the Musical, she said “I thought it’s gonna be a great experience to work in the environment separated to AKB48 and for my future path to be an actress.” She watched the movie for the first time after she got the offer, “(while watching the movie) I felt sentimental to imagine Ann’s feeling. I also thought I can put myself into her position to feel her (since ‘Relationship is taboo in AKB’), and make the best of it.” she commented.

“I want to learn as much as possible from great actors. I try my best to be in the same height with them, some day.” she said with her eyes blazing with excitement.

Source Sanspo

Along with Sae, Sayaka is representing cool beauty in AKB48, and like Mariko she goes Yaniniku alone (such a boss!). Kana Kobayashi said in another interview “Sayaka chan has no hesitation to go out eating or Yakiniku. But actually she mails me almost everyday to go out eating together. I want to help her to make more friends and create an environment that she can easily find friends for having dinner together.” Maybe, Sayaka is too stoic or too handsome that other younger members get scared of her? Her handsome appearance also contributing to it maybe?
By the way actually she already stated her ambition in the Acting career, her google+ profile says “Tsuyoku Kedakaku Utsukusiku (Be strong, be noble, be beautiful)” which is obviously inspired by tha famous Takarazuka Musical School‘s 3 rules “Kiyoku Tadasiku Utsukusiku (Be pure(noble), Be right, Be beautiful)”.