Sayaka Wrote Her Honest Emotion On Recent Experience

  April 18, 2012

In her blog, Sayaka Akimoto wrote about her emotional change on the evening of 17th Apr. Tough she didn’t mention to a specific incident, the tone of her writing suggest she experienced kind of life-changing event. “The emotion made tears came out ceaselessly before I realized my emotion. I realized for the first time my real emotion.” she wrote.

In the post, titled “Recent Incidents”, Akimoto honestly wrote the change of her emotional state, “My mind understands it, but I couldn’t fool my body. I thought I understood myself, but it seems I was hiding my true emotion… There is a thing what I really want to do.”

Being a captain of team K requires her a lot of work, she said “I can’t join the creation which I can spend necessary time.” She continued “Some day, definitely, I will be on the stage or field where ‘idol’ has never been able to be there.”, making it clear that her perspective is not bind to convectional image of AKB48.

Since the graduation announcement from Atsuko Maeda, we’ve frequently heard major members of the group mentions ‘Graduation’. Akimoto (Sayaka) also commented before “Some the day will also come to me to graduate. But I want it to be positive one, the start of the journey in the bigger sea. “

Completing Tokyo Marathon, made a regular appearance in lunch-time TV show “Waratte Iitmo”, she starred “Ulttraman Saga”, which was released this March. Next month she will be in the stage-musical “Roman Holiday”. Forging her way into the acting field, “The day” for Akimoto would come earlier than we expect.

Source CinemaToday(via Yahoo J)

Her fans sent her about 500 hundreds of kind comments. Though AKB48 is the biggest pop group in Japan, Sayaka is also facing the cruel reality “What left in me if I left AKB48?” as Acchan. I think what she is trying to say is because as a captain of team K and a member of AKB48, she didn’t have a chance to focus on what she really want to do, Acting. Between the AKB48 and her dream, she may be struggling to find a right balance or to make a decision.

She ended the post with following “When I work separately from AKB48, I realize how I’m incomplete “and not professional. But I feel happy to be in this stand-up-straight work environment. I will do may best for Roman Holiday!”