Sae and Sayaka Chosen As PR Character For Eco-Friendly Cooling Fabric

  April 18, 2012
Like Tim Dunkan and Shaq, they’re sometimes described twin-tower because of their height

AKB48 members, Sayaka Akimoto and Sae Miyazawa were picked as PR faces for “PattoCool Nihonwohiyasou Project”, and yesterday they attended the press conference for the project.

“PattoCool” is name of series of products made of high-tech fabric with which you can cool your body to stave off summer blah. Products include towel and handkerchief.
Sae revealed a great PR idea, “I’m thinking to put AKB48 logo (on the products), and when we perform exciting numbers, shake it to cool, and after that cool our heated body.” Sayaka also raised a good point said “I don’t like artificial wind from air conditioners, so it’s nice to have a method to cool my body without affecting environment.”

These 2 girls are chosen as representatives of “Sawayaka (cool)” from AKB48. Asked who they want to cool among AKB members, they answered Takamina, an obvious answer. “Takamina is very hot and exciting. So we want to cool her forehead. If we recommend her this, she may put it during the whole lesson.” 

For Sayaka and Sae, this is the first time to become a PR face as a individual member not as a group. They are also known to be very close friends (google “才加 佐江” ^^) which Akimoto described “What I’m so happy about is that I can appear (in the commercial) with her(Sae).” Sae also added “We were always thinking if there’re Sawayaka-senbatsu, we would be top2. So it’s great that two of us to be PR faces for this product.”

Sae described Sayaka’s Sawayakaness “Exciting, Athletic”, and about herself she said she is “Boyish”. “Sayaka looks like cool-beauty, but we don’t think we have cool personality.” she added.

At the event, held a mini-game in which they shake the towels, and who cool it the best will win. Sae made a guts-pose (fist pose) after the victory.