Sayaka Akimoto Makes Regular Appearance in TV Show In Kansai

  April 12, 2012

I think for most people, TV show aired exclusively in Kansai(関西) area in useless. But since I just found out Sayaka Akimoto is no.2 in AKB48 in China and I myself is from Kobe in Kansai (so I can add some detail to the original article), I figured I have a reason to introduce this to you.

According to Oricon,

Sayaka Akimoto of AKB48 will make a regular appearance in coming new TV show “流行りん●モンロー!” (I can’t translate this since I don’t think this is Japanese lol. BTW  is actually a heart mark). Akimoto is really excited about her join to this Kansai-exclusive TV show, said “It’s nice to have more opportunity to show my face to fans in Kansai.” She is now studying ‘Common Sense of Kansai’ and ‘What’s hot in Kansai’. She said she was told Hachimitsu Tsukitei (月亭八光) is must, the Rakugo* comedian who is a son of famous Rakugo comedian Happoh Tsukitei(月亭八方). She added “These days in AKB, 千鳥, the comedy duo based in Osaka, Kansai, is very popular, so it’s great I can meet them in this show (because they are semi-regular members of the show). I also like Tsujimoto-san from Yoshimoto Comedy Show.”

*Rakuko is a traditional form of comedy mainly comprises of speech in which Comedian (Rakugoka) sit on cushion on the stage with Japanese fan in his hand. Both Kansai and Kantoh (Tokyo area) have it’s own tradition of Rakugo, but to the present Kansai has much more influence over Kantoh as is the case for almost every sort of comedy.

*流行りん●モンロー! = 流行りモン(Things Hot or Things in Trend) + モンロー (Monroe), it’s a wordplay.

In the show, targeting for female audience, is introducing hot products, hot city spots, foods, sweets, electronics, diet, goods, beauty and health and local news, anything edgy in Kansai. Sayaka told what’s hot for her now is “Argentine Horned Frog (ベルツノガエル). I so much in love with him that I’m considering to get him in my room. He is tiny and so cute. I have Mexican Salamander by the way.” On her clear aptitude toward reptiles and AmphibiansTutorial, the comedian duo based in Osaka, said “You will be compatible with Sakata-shisho(=sensei). His house is full of reptiles.” “He is the last bachelor Yoshimoto agency possesses.”

*Sataka-shisho is one of the legendary figures of Yoshimoto agency, Japan’s biggest comedy and entertainment agency. This short early 60’s man makes a regular appearance in Yoshimoto Comedy Show, and famous for his crazy move which is essential for the show and Osaka people. His private life is the polar opposite to him in the comedy show. He has no girlfriend, no family, just having lonely life with his reptile pets.

Other than Sayaka Akimoto, Mayu Ogasawara, Rika Kishino and Haruna Kinoshita from NMB48 also join the show regularly. 

This is the first regular appearance for the 3 members of NMB48. “Hope becoming the No.1 流行りん●モンロー in NMB!” Ogasawara said. Kishino said “I’m still young, so I goes to be trend sensitive.” and Kinoshita said “I want to learn from co-stars as possible.”

This is the second time for Akimoto to appear in Kansai-exclusive show after “Mujack” which aired 2008-2009. She used to be pointed out her wrong accent of Kansai dialect in the show. After surviving through her first Kansai show, this time she doesn’t hide her aspiration to dig deep into Kansai culture.