Yuki Kashiwagi and Other Members Become Wheather Reporters For The Afternoon TV Show

  April 2, 2012

TBS, Tokyo Broadcasting Station, picked 5 members of AKB48, Takajo, Kuramochi, Satoh, Ohya, and Kashiwagi (高城・倉持・佐藤・大家 )for wheather reporting on thier afternoon TV show “HiruObi”.

Yuki Kashiwagi has been already a reporter for this TV show, so this means the new addition of 4 members.

The show is on-air weekdays only, and each member are assigned to one of 5 weekdays.


“HiruObi” on TBS:  Mon – Fri 11:00-13:53

  • Mon – Kuramochi 倉持  
  • Tue – Kashiwagi 柏木 
  • Wed – Takajo 高城 
  • Thu – Ohya 大家 
  • Fri – Satoh 佐藤