AKB members look-a-like??? Kinda… and 2 more about Yukirin’s makeup and Mayuyu

  October 9, 2012

Mayuyu came out of nowhere!

What wrong with this world! She just wrote “test” and it gathered up comments at the spped of light lol

Watanabe Mayu


Mayu-sensyu received her smartphone from Ogi production for the first time in a long time?

I wonder how Mayu’s galaxy is managed usually….

She sounds like someone that had been blocked for a long time…and now that “block” has finally been removed..

Watanabe Mayu

ててててす (tetetetetest)



I think she is a kind of person who wants to be more assured.

2 and a half minutes….. lol

By the way, her last post was

Watanabe Mayu

Moeno-chan(^_^) Happy birthday☆
I love you~~~I love you~~~ Kiss Kiss☆Let’s travel France together some day☆


It’s normal to expect that she will write another post as she wrote “test”…. but how will things turn out?

Mayuyu “LOL Ota are so desperate. I cracked myself up LOL “

↑I would pay for her to actually say that to me.

↑x2 I think she actually thinks like this lol

↑But you guys love her all the more because of that.

Mayu-san is a person who leaves a comment like “2 get!”

——One hour later——-

Hell! Mayuyu! When will you update your google plus! I was waiting for you and I haven’t gone out for dinner!!

I think Mayuyu’s post was made just to confirm it works fine.

It’s kind of like maintenance and inspection.


From today’s broadcasting of ナセバナール which Sashihara makes a regular appearance

I already knew someone was going to start a thread about this.

LOL It’s too soon, too soon.

I was thinking that someone would start a thread about Sashihara’s remark lol

Again, Sashihara mentioned Kashiwagi-chan.

The bond between Kyushu island’s no.1 and no.2 Hello Project Ota is eternal.

I think it took a lot of nerve for Sashihara to mention Kashiwagi’s name in a golden time TV show.

Recently thanks to Sashihara, people’s image of Yukirn has been gradually changing from the queen of handshake event to a variety idol who can actually talk.

Some of Kashiwagi Ota are getting mad on twitter lol

Actually Yukirin has such a big heart, that even Izuta Rina dissed her without being intimidated.

And Kashiwagi herself said that she takes the longest time in makeup.

Actually Kashiwagi Ota should thank Sashihara for promoting her name to a wider audience.

↑It’s actually customary between Yukirin Ota and Sashiko Ota that whenever Sashiko insults Yukirin, Yukirin Ota pretend that they are mad but actually they’re having fun interacting with Sahiko Ota. You’ll know when you visit Sashiko fan thread and see how they are getting along with each other perfectly fine.

According to those who attended today’s HTK48 theater,


Uhmmmm she doesn’t look like Kojiharu, but actually, she is kinda more beautiful than Kojiharu..?

Wait, this girl is not an ordinary person, she appears on TV lol

Her official blog…. Come on… Why don’t they seriously look for a look-a-like on streets!

↑She does look like Kojiharu in this photo.

Only her nose looks like Yukirin….

I think she is cute. And she somehow looks like Yukirin…. But it’s not about whether she looks like Yukirin or not…..

It’s actually cheating…. Kojiharu’s Look-a-like is too cute.

Kojiharu’s look-a-like looks more like Haachan, I think.