Single Artwork of AKB48 28th Single UZA unveiled

  October 9, 2012

Theater Version, Type-A, Type-K, Type-B

↑Yuko looks very handsome.

I bet someone will make a parody called “UNA” by changing all these faces into Kitarie.

It’s very rare to see all 16 members equally placed in a single cover!

P….. Please Stare at me…..

I thought everyone has UZAI face in the jacket, but  I found Tomochin and Yuihan are absolutely cute lol.

Actually this design is awful…..

Even though this song has the hardest coreo in the history of AKB, it’s single artwork is soooo normal.

Theater Version




LOL I thought that since Yuko is in team K, Yuko will the only person on  be on the cover art of type K!

Damn! I need to pre-order type-A, too!

LOL Management is trying to make Yuko Ota buy not only type-K and theater version but also Type-A lol

【AKB48 28th single UZA (2012.10.31 go on sale)】