Cindy Get Center Position of Warota from Mayuyu (Kinda…)

  April 29, 2012
AKB’s subunit Warota (WatariRoka HashiriTai7) made an appearance at the thanks greeting for hit movie “Shin-chan” at Shinjuku Balt9 theatre. (where AKB0048’s premier is going to be held tonight)

Members of Warota held a illustration competition in which the winner was given the center position for this conference, and former member of SDN48 and tentative member of Warota Cindy (Kazumi Urano) won this battle, commenting “Center o ItadakiMayuyuー!” in front of Mayuyu.

Cindy went on to say “I’m surprised since I didn’t think I could get a center position so early. I guess I’ll get a center position for a song in a near future.” Then Mayuyu the current indisputable center of Warota (and AKB48) fought back, said “Why don’t you take a center position for Couplings rather than title tracks…. How about side tracks (not A-side tracks).” which drew casual laugh from audience.

Warota sang a theme song for this Movie, Syounenyo! Usowotsuke!

In the illustration battle, members are supposed to draw a portrait of Shin-chan, the main character of the Anime. Mayuyu, who seemingly drew the best portrait but ended up losing to Cindy said “I didn’t heard we are going to do this, but because we hadn’t been told, I think our personalities can be seen in our drawings.” On the movie and theme song presented by them, she said “Please enjoy the whole movie until the very end!(where their song is played).” Other members attended this event included Mika Komori, Ayaka Kikuchi from the same group.

source Mynavi, sanspo