NMB48 Yagura Fuuko named new Center of Team M, 3 Kenyusei Promoted, Momoka cut her hair short

  October 9, 2012

冬将軍のリグレット (Fuyushogun no Regret) cast (Namba Teppoutai sono2):

N: Matsuda Shiori

M: Yamamoto Hitomi, Yamagishi Natsumi, Yogi Keira, Yagura Fuuko (Center)

?: Kushiro Rina, Kato Yuuka, Yabushita Shu,

Finally Fuuchan’s time has come….. The new era of NMB48 will start!!

Just as expected…. Anyway, the only thing left now is Team N’s Original Setlist!!

Kaneko Tsuyoshi 17:38

Today, Oct 9th, is the 2nd anniversary of NMB48!!

We displayed a board that recorded members height one year ago at the 1st anniversary of NMB, at the send-off alley way!!

3rdgen members also measured their height time time!

Somehow, some members decreased their heights??


And at the lobby we dispalyed the Giant Sofa that was used in the MV of Kitagawa Kenji.

Momoka succeeded the soul of Joe Eriko?

Actually I loved Momoka’s twin tail…..

But it’s her nature that she wants to do something odd herself.

MV of Fuyushogun is….

Ripopo kidnapped Yamamoto Hitomi and Kushiro Rina .

And Fuuko shot through a picture frame of Teppoutai 1 with her Machine Gun.

↑Ripopo may be so exhilarated as she loves Rinacchi lol

According to the mobile content, Momoka has been hooked on Kimono, so she may be seeking for some hairstyle that fits Kimono?

Kaneko Tsuyoshi 22:26

The new team M performance “Idol no Yoake” stage, has finished.

Thank you so much for applying and coming to the show.

Today’s surprise…

Kinoshita Momoka…took off her wig during the performance of Tengoku Yarou, and unveiled her short hair!! It really suits her!!

And the the MV of “Fuyushogun no Regret”!! by Namba Teppoutai Sonoichi has been unveiled.

I’m expecting for the new team M to improve and have their own unique color.

I’m also have high expectations from the new members of team M, Azuma Yuki, Koyanagi Arisa and Yamamoto Hitomi.

Plus, with the commemoration of NMB48’s 2nd anniversary stage, Hikawa Ayame marked her 100th appearance of the theater performance at NMB48 theater.

Congratulations and please keep moving forward!