(Wrap Up) Team N’s NMB48 2nd Anniversary Stage – Yokoyama Yui’s surprise appearance

  October 8, 2012

※Video is on the 2nd page

Holy cow~ She is so cute even in this ealy morning~

matsuda shiori


Today’s is NMB’s 2nd anniversary special live performance(・ω<)


Yamada nana

Team Nヾ(´∀`)ノ

We’re at the meeting for today’s special performance & enjoying Girls Talk♬*゜

 ※Sayanee → Shiokichi

Ota Riona

I found Ota Riona T-shirts!!^^


Riichan Kawaii~.

Probably Shiokichi and Kanchiru were ordered by them to buy Yakisoba-pan at convenience store lol

Where is Maachun?

Is Ainyan the one wearing Riona T-shirts???

So will they upload a kind of photo like this and we’ll know who will be in the new team M?

I want them to announce it earlier ….

yamada nana

The two were angry because they weren’t in the team N’s photo that I posted before∠( ゚∀゚)/

Jangle Yamamoto and Merlion Shinohara



LOL Sayanee was in the photo, obviously.

Yamada Nana

And me, before wearing makeup for the show.



Ainyan is such a nice girl.

Actually Ainyan’s No.1 Oshi is Riona.

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Maachun is already wet!

Ogasawara Mayu


It’s so hottttttttt


The 2nd anniversary performance!

I will give it my all!



By the way, “Something that can substitute 2shot photo shoot event” that Kaneko said is the game event that Milky mentioned yesterday?????

2nd anniversary….

Time has passed so quickly.

I feel it had only been just a little while ago when Sayanee was shouting “Watanabe-sa~~~n, Watanabe-sa~~~~n” buring the NMB’s public unveiling in Fall Music festival (秋祭り/あきまつり)

So today team N had its usual members??

Okay, it’s only natural since this is the 2nd anniversary stage, but is there any possibility that some of N members will be transferred to the new team M tomorrow??

↑ I don’t think so. It’s unnecessary.

But some day they will conduct a Reformation for NMB48, I guess.

Look at this young girls who are addicted to digital devices….

Shiroma Miru 2:00pm

Cell phone….. tap-tap-tap-tap!!!!!

↑I actually often see a similar scene on a train….

MC has started….!!

Kaneko Tsuyoshi 18:06

NMB48 2nd anniversary special stage

Team N!!

First song is Mikazuki no Senaka (三日月の背中/みかづきのせなか)

Oh yeah!! A coupling of Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shojo! I’ve only listened to this song once in Osaka Juban song!!

So the new team M will be unveiled tomorrow and the team B2 will be unveiled 2 days later?


Mikazuki…. Milky once said she likes this song because this song can be sung together with everyone.

↑Though Milky looks very aggressive, she really loves the group.

I also want to see Teppoutai!!!

Who will play a position of Ayanyan or other 2, 3 gen members!!

If Ripopo will perform Center, it will be so exhilarating!!

Prof. Yamamoto at Kyoto University won the Nobel Prize!!!

He will run Osaka Marathon as a charity runner!!

And Kaneko stopped live posting…. orz

Kaneko Tsuyoshi 18:42

Sunahama de Pistol by Nanma Teppoutai SonoIchi!!!!

Skirt Hirari


LOL I thought this is supposed to be performed only by team N members…

LOL It’s Original members of Teppoutai!


1. Mikazuki No Senaka

2. Nandeyanen Idol

3. NMB48


4. Ren’ai no Speed (Yamamoto, Watanabe, Yamada, Fukumoto, Ogasawara, Shiroma, Jonishi)

5. Uso no Tenbin (same as above)

4. Sunahama de Pistol

5. Skirt Hihari

6. Bird

7. Tengoku Yarou

8. Waruky

LOL What a special setlist!

【NMB48 6th Single 北川謙二 (Kitagawa Kenji) 2012.11.07 on sale】