NMB48 Team N Original Setlist Unveiled in October, and one more about Jonishi Kei!

  September 20, 2012
Kaneko Tsuyoshi 9:28pm

NMB48 team N “Seishun Girls” the final stage finished!!


And today, we made surprise announcement!!

☆Oct 8, Team N’s original Stage
☆Oct 9, the first performance of NEW team M
☆Oct 10, Kick start of New born team “team Bll”




LOL They don’t wait til the audition for 4gen will finish!?!?

Or they already finished the audition!?

↑It’s impossible because they just stopped accepting applications at the end of August….
Unless someone conducted backdoor admissions….

So they are gonna do Regrouping, not Reformation???
I don’t know the clear difference between them, but yeah, I can understand at least, Regrouping will bring much smaller change than Reformation.

Basically they mean they will make New team M and team Bll with members of the current team M and Kenkyusei?

Now that AKB48 has decided that they will break up team 4,
Probably NMB48 will also have more than 16 members for each team, I guess…

Because now both team M’s and 3gen’s Stage are halfway through,
I guess they will do team shuffle for team M and 3gen in order to create New team M and B2!?

I would feel so scared if Arii (Koyanagi Arisa) won’t be either team M or B2….

No need to replace any member for team N.

I can’t find any reason to change members line-up of team N.

By the way, finally I could figure out why Fuuchan (Yagura Fuuko) has been busy with voluntary lessons.

Probably Yokoyama and Watanabe will move to team M?
Because concurrency is basically ridiculoulsy tough, besides, they need to practice new setlist, which means they will spend most of their days for lessons til the first performance…

Only 2 weeks left before the new setlist!?
Hope they won’t pass out….

I guess, Yuihan will join team N, and someone in team N will move to other team as a captain….?

Because Yokoyama can perform “Idol no Yoake”, maybe she will join team M?

Actually kick start of team Bll has the bigger impact than team N’s original Stage….
I’m worried that several of Kenkyusei will give up their hope after they weren’t promoted to the team…



So she will play a a role of police woman….!!

*Jonishi Kei will play a role of a 22 year-old female police

Which means she will become Fukeicchi (Fukei: Police woman)”
How good Keicchi’s acting skill?

↑Judge it from Shinkigeki or “Virginity”(‘s bonus footage).

Keicchi has such a tiny and beautiful face.  It’s the ideal choice for non NMB related work.

Main cast: Ayabe (a part of comedian duo, Peace)

Uhmmm so this is Yoshimoto related Drama…

Producer of this Drama is from Yoshimoto,
Probably Yoshimoto will produce this Drama, too.

I wrote that NMB management should market her as an actress on some thread a little while ago….
Couldn’t imagine that they were actually thinking it….

Her attitude, being serious about everything and a bit clumsy, which were seemingly weak points of her actually helped her grab the first chance to be an actress….!

Producer of this Drama, Okamoto Kouichi has produced many programs that are related Yoshimoto agency. And the other producer is actually from Yoshimoto.
The theme song of this Drama will also be a song by artists from Yoshimoto (Yoshimoto R and C).

Who said NMB48 can’t have a change for TV Drama work because they belong to NMB48 LOL

Finally Keicchi got the chance!
Finally the efforts she’s put into AruAruTV have rewarded!!

Sooner or later, this is to be expected to happen.
Because she has such a beautiful looks in an orthodox way,
Maybe some TV producers had an eye on her.