Do you know there’s a stunningly beautiful girl in NMB called Jonishi Kei aka Keicchi?

  September 11, 2012

 Recently I spotted her when I was watching Geinin, an got hooked on her…..

Keicchi Oshi fans gifted this trophy to celebrate her being selected for Senbatsu of “Virginity”

 Haha you’re so late in the game.

 She is loved by many members.

 In Kobetsu Handshake events, she is in 6th lane.

I wouldn’t surprise when you say she got 5th spot in the election….

No. NMB’s 6th member is Fuuchan.

She has the best looking to be an actress among all AKB48 members 

 She made my heart….

Why don’t you start a thread for Yoshida Akari and Jonishi Kei combi…

How is she like at Handshake events?

She doesn’t try to fish Ota but she is so relaxing.
Because she is short, she looks up to me all the time and that makes her all the cuter.
She is kind to everyone including middle aged men.

 She was already an angel when she was 2.

 He facial parts are too concentrated on the center?? I mean is she 2nd coming of Maeda Atsuko??

 She has an air of afternoon tea madam…. 

 She actually has pretty nice boobs. I want her to make more Gravure appearance….

I didn’t know that NMB has a beautiful girl in an orthodox sense….

 Keicchi rolls her eyes up into her head. Artistic, isn’t it?

Message from Keicchi to you guys.

“It’s all about money money money! Ch-Ching Ch-Ching.”

What the heck!? In what situation she made this remark lol