NMB’s Kinoshita Momoka to take a medical leave due to leg injury

  June 23, 2012

NMB Official blog

Announcement of Kinoshita Momoka’s absence (Precisely they wrote “Temporal Retirement”)

Due to leg injury, she is required to concentrate on taking rest and Rehabilitation, and will take a medical leave for one month.

The period of her absence starts from 27th June and continue for one month.

She will continue updating her blog, her G+, NMB48 mobile mail when it’s possible.

We sincerely ask your understanding and cooperation.

Kaneko Tsuyoshi (Manager of NMB theater)

Kinoshita Momoka of team M will take a medical leave for one month due to leg injury.

We’re sorry for causing trouble to you.

I miss her dance performance in team M’s Idol no Yoake Stage ~Tengoku Yarou~ which is the best fit for her character. I hope everyone kindly support her recovery.

Kinoshita Momoka 6/23 21:30

I’m so sorry for causing you trouble by my own circumstance…..

I will take a medical leave for one month due to leg injury.

I’m truly sorry for you about this.

I’ve got so much energy from your comments.
Thank you so much.

Please…wait for a little

Until I can pay back the energy I’ve got from you….

Kinoshita Momoka

Kawakami Rena “I’m looking forward to performing Tengoku Yarou together with you soon(o•ω•o)♡ Don’t push your self too much~!!!”

Kinoshita Momoka 22:36

Everyone, thank you so much for your comments

Now, I’m reading one by one.

And Arisa… thank you so much…

Just Now..

Before anyone else, you called me….

You’re my best comrade and dearest friend….

Nakaya Sayaka “It’s alright! Be patient.”

Koyanagi Arisa on G+

I just called Momoka.

She seemed to be fine…. I’m relieved!!

Team M members comments

Kawakami Rena 21:35

Just minutes ago, I heard that Momoka will take a temporal leave from the team…

I’ve been feeling admiration for her as she was always cheerful and works hard even though she’s had injured her leg(s)…

I want Momoka to cure her injury soon and make a come back as usual “Hentai” Momoka.

So let’s cheer Momoka up together!!

Murakami Ayaka 22:48

I heard Momoka-chan’s situation from my manager’s text message….

What can I do for Momoka as a teammate or as a team M??

We must enliven team M more and more so that Momoka-chan will get better and come back soon!!

Team M need “Hentai” Momoka~~~!!

Mita Mao 23:34

Captain Momoka….. I’m waiting for you!!!!!! (team M’s actual captain is Shimada Rena)

Takano Yui 22:53

Team M needs Momo-chan!!

I want to tease you a lot in MC, so come back soon!!!\(^^)/

Tanigawa Airi 23:21

Kinoshita Momoka~~~!!

I can’t wait to see Momo-chan again!!!!!

Come back to us soon…..

I can’t get enough of Momo-chan!!

I want to see Momo-chan’s smile♥

I’ll be waiting for you all the time!!

Shimada Rena 23:42

I want to talk to Momo-chan in person right now.

Cure your leg(s) thoroughly before you come back!!

Members and everyone who support Momoka are eagerly waiting for you(^^)!!

 I think you can occasionally depend on people around you.

Don’t take it all on yourself.

Don’t worry, you always have your place here *゜

Ohta Riona 23:49

Wait…. it’s absence? Absence….
NMB will be quiet!!!!!
Are you okay?(。´Д⊂)
Make sure you cure your injury, and come back soon!!
Take care(´・ω・`)
Send me text messages and phone calls anytime♪

I hope she won’t graduate after this….

I kinda feel it’s unnatural to announce this in such a formal way if she can really get better within one month….

I can’t be helped….
Rather than doing things in a halfway manner, taking a medical leave can make both Momoka and her fans relieved.

If she takes a leave, I wanted them to clearly state how long it will take, so it’s nice that they formally said it’s one month

0048? I think she was fill-in???

Just a small role…. and the anime already finished all the recording.

I guess the reason for her leave is not physical but mental….

As a fan, it’s rather nice that she will take a medical leave and can have time to rest.
She wasn’t like usual Momoka, as she was acting while worrying about various things…

This is a better choice.
Take a rest both physically and mentally.

Looking at Momoka’s artworks in the exhibition, I was thinking she was completely feeling mentally sick.

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Yeah, it was like… she needs to have a treatment as soon as possible.

So she was that girl who appeared in this week’s Shuukan AKB?
I thought she was an interesting girl.
One month…..
By the way, Umechan took 1 and a half year….

I feel strange that they announced her “absence/temporal retirement”….

Will she be able to make come-back like Umechan?
Or she will gradually fade out?

Yoshimoto said “one month” in Okamura’s case, too. (Okamura: A part of famous comedian duo Ninety Nine, who belongs to Yoshimoto agency)
How come they can recover in one month when they are mentally sick???

She looked fine in Shukan AKB…..
If this is a sign of her graduation, team M never stops suffering troubles….

If they are talking about leg injury, then Fukumoto Aina is by far in severe condition…. but they never say she will “temporally retire”…..
I think this is absolutely mental problem…

I think it’s not good to judge only from her taste and drawing style that she is mentally sick.
After all the reason why you want to bash her is simply because you don’t know there is such kind of genre.
If she really serious about her career, she needs to make herself more distinctive when there’re so many girls in the group.
But it takes a lot of nerve to actually put it in action to differentiate herself from others.
And I rather want to respect her as she’s successfully done it.

I think it more about that she just likes that kind of worldview than she plays a character for the differentiation.
I think it’s impossible that she stuck to her own way when management tried to stop her again and again.

Momoka is actually a diligent girl.
That character that she has put long thought into it is her individuality as an idol. She is a nice girl.

By the way, since Osaka is too far from here, I can only hear funny rumors.
I want to know how she ended up getting mentally sick.

She isn’t mentally sick.

Management “Stop cosplay!!”
Momoka “Damn it! This is what I wear everyday!! (not cosplay!!)”
Or chopped head in the art exhibition… I was thinking she is a very interesting and distinctive girl in this huge 48 groups.
I actually want her to appear in upcoming new Drama series (MJ Gakuen 3)

She has her own firm will. She has her own unique character, and is interesting in TV shows, so I want her to make sure to cure the injury and come back to us!!