JKT48 in Japan, Sashiko on Zyunen Zakura’s Album Cover, Momoka Kinoshita of NMB

  April 26, 2012
Last Week’s hot topics on AKB.
1. JKT
2. Sashiko
3. Momoka Kinoshita (NMB)

As is natural since they have DNA of AKB in their soul, we may better to expect JKT48 will be bigger than our current expectaion.

JKT48 : Making First Appearance In Japanese TV Commercial. Though They Had To Retake 50 Times For The TV Ads, They Are Proud Of The Final Product. Willing To Make Their CD Debut Within The Year (Headline from Mantan-web-news)

While stolen by all the attention by SNH48, we’d better know that JKT48 is not easily losing out. As I’m browsing through all the article on JKT48 in Japanese and AkiP’s interview on Asian franchise of AKB, I came to realize JKT48 is basically not just about Indonesia or South East Asia, but what they are aiming at is a success in Japanese Music Industry, the 2nd largest market in this world. It’s no brainer given the fact selling CDs can’t be a profitable business in South East Asia, which is still by far lagging behind in any aspects in terms of protecting copyrights. That said, they are speaking the word “CD debut” with Japan debut in their mind. Of course they will their CDs may hit shelves of record stores in Indonesia, but given the previous scandal of JKT48, what they expect when join the project of Japan or Korea, is not only about their career in Indonesia but also they are picturing Japan debut or Korean debut, aggressively. It’s may be difficult to understand for Japanese but if I put myself in their position, it’s quite natural assuming they are selected as a memebr of JKT48, a sister group of AKB48, where only girls with burning ambition and strong will are allowed to belong.
AKB Members Celebrate Surprise Announce With Fans At Shanghai Fan Meet Up Event

Watching this movie, I almost changed my mind… Maybe… it will take time to improve their Japanese…
Rena Nozawa can speak Japanese fine!
JKT version of Heavy Rotation!!!!

There’s a strange figure in this Zyunen Zakura’s Album Cover

But I love both Sashikos. Why everyone is so cute two years ago….? Now everyone look so tired and sometimes even look lifeless…  (yes you are getting cuter and cuter Miichan!)

Someone Wrote on two channel Momoka Kinoshita Of NMB48 Is Cute Though Not Many People Have Noticed Yet

Uhmmm, as always she doesn’t quite look like herself in photos.

Is she having dark thought???

Momoka Kinoshita on G+

As I was going through your comments, I found some people wrote “Don’t quit Kinoshita!”…

I’m really grateful to these kind comments…

But YuuYuu, Mizuki and other members left NMB hadn’t ever thought that the day they graduate the group would come some day…

I think there’re not many people who are willing to quit from the beginning.

We can’t tell what tomorrow will bring until it comes.

It may sound cocky 15 y/o child talk like this….

But thought I’m child, child has it’s own distress and thought.

Like seasons come and go, our feeling, thought will change often.


I can’t make a promise that I will never quit for you…

There’s no telling how my life will turn out….

So… what I gotta to do is do my best. Live this moment to the fullest.

And same can be true to everybody.


What I have in my mind now is …

I don’t want to be separated from my dear mates, and I don’t want to be away from my wonderful fans….

This is my honest feeling.

As long as I can convey this feeling to you, I don’t ask anything more from you..

The other day she made this remark on G+
Momoka Kinoshita “Panty is not something you wear. It’s something you put on your head!!!
Panty panty panty (repeat)
Today, I went with twin tail hair style again.
Give me panty!!!!!!!!!!!
OMG she is so attractive and funny!! Diligent and honest girl with Hentai personality? Fantastic…..