Milky will make team B debut on June 29?? (and 3 other topics on Haruka’s nickname, Umechan and munch munch Miichan)

  June 23, 2012

Finally Milky make team B debut!?

From AKB official blog

June 29 2012 Theater no Megami Stage

Cast: Ishida Haruka, Kasai Tomomi, Kitahara Rie, Kobayashi Kana, Sato Amina, Sato Sumire, Sato Natsuki, Suzuki Mariya, Chikano Rina, Masuda Yuka, Miyazaki Miho, Watanabe Mayu, Sasaki Yukari, Natori Wakana (total 15 members)

So this is a obvious sign, isn’t it?

It’s difficult not to think that Milky will make surprise appearance.
The only disappointing thing is the absence of Captain and Komorin.

Ohhh finally, the ultimate idol of the West Japan will come to AKB theater!!!!

Uhmmmmm it’s unfortunate that Kappa (Izuta Rina) can’t join the show when there are several stand-in positions…

So they don’t need to make it secret… like Jurina’s case, this is so obvious lol

Oh come on… Yukirin isn’t there….

You know what? Milky will say “I make you in trance♪” on behalf of Yukirin.

I would rather want her to say “I fish you!!”….
So are there any thread to guess what Milky’s catchphrase in team B will be like???

So Waruky’s declaration “I refrain GUGUTASU!!” was the sign that she will be joining team B’s stage soon and get busy with it.
Though so far we can’t see any change lol

Watanabe Miyuki 6/22

I should refrain Gugutasu!! (sob..)

But I won’t refrain too much so that I won’t make you feel lonely♥

I want to show myself grown up all the more to people who support me.

And that’s the reason why I want to prioritize what I want to do to improve myself for a little while.

But of course communicating with you is fun for me, so I can’t give up Gugutasu!! lol

So I finished meeting
I will take ChapuChapu♡?

Good night

It looks like the preparation is going fine.
A little while ago, TGSK also said “we are preparing for it”!!

So they adjusted the schedule so that Milky can join nationwide tour.

July 10 Osaka / Orix Theater / Team B 17:00~

And Mayu-san also make rare appearance on AKB theater’s stage!!

I wish she sings Waruky as a special present to fans….
I’ve never seen Milky’s performance but I heard her dancing is awesome.

4:04~ (Milky in the left and Momoka in the right)

If she performs Arashi no Yoruni in Komorin’s position, she can show off her amazing dance skill!!
She is not only fisher/flirter but also has a great technique!!
Her vocal ability?? I hope you are a forgiving person…. 

What does this means???

NMB official blog

June 29
NMB48 2nd Stage Seishun Girls / Ticket 1980yen
Cast: We will announce later

Looks like they are not sure Milky can prepare everything until 29th.
Because obviously she was taught choreo from Izurina, who were Under for Nacchan’s position.

Why they choose this day when team N also have Stage….
It just causes unnecessary anger among NMB fans…

Oh bro, stop being inward-looking….. Why don’t we celebrate Milky’s advance into AKB48 together!!

Team B members “Please bring more food gifts than usual.”

Yuttan “Guys, bring Kukuru, Wanaka and Mizuno’s Takoyaki 10 plates for each!”

(I think Mizuno is a famous Okonokiyaki shop, or is it a name of her favorite Takoyaki shop? uhmm I don’t know.)
 Wanaka’s Takoyaki
Kukuru’s Takoyaki

How we call her in Team B Oshi????

Shinobu-san Good JOB!!!!!

Nakagawa Haruka on G+

I’ll take a bath early today!!

Well then, I will do the question corner !!

To those who have a question to me , just write it without constraint !!

I will answer it confidently♪ LOL

Kayano Shinobu on G+ (“She” is Costume manager of AKB48)

Hai!!! I have a question to my dear Haruka!!

Uhmm I just come up this right now….but…
Your nickname…. how about Harugon??
You kinda sometimes become like Kaiju (Please image Godzilla or somethins like him) ~~~? I think it suits you~~Harugon. Or is this a too radical for your nickname????


Good job, Shinobu!! Actually I think most of people still secretly call her Harugon….

Nakagawa Haruka on G+

I’m gonna answer to your questions!!

Q. Now does everyone call you Haruka??
A. Yes. Everyone says like this, “Harug….. Oh!! So Haruka-chan is xxxx” I hope this nickname will take root soon!! lol


munch munch Miichan

These series are called “Mogu Mogu Mii (Munch Much Mii)”
Looking at Miichan eating makes us feel at ease so much….


She is so Kawaii……
But I’m a bit worrying about her as it looks like she eats shrimps so much lol

Umechan’s phrases capture your heart!!

2:30~, 6:44~
“This is a phrase I want Umeda Ayaka-san to read!”
“Oh, your shirt’s button is about to take off!
I sew it back on, so can you take the shirt off?”
“I want to be scolded by Umechan.”
“It’s a foul to suddenly kiss me!!”
(梅:Ume means Plum, 梅干し:Umeboshi is pickled plum in English)
“Umeboshi is sour, but Umechan is sweet. Wanna eat???”

I’m other men Oshi, but Umechan is so cute in this show~~~!!

I think Umechan will increase media exposure more and more…. The election brought her a wonderful opportunity to get recognized by many people…

LOL Why everyone is in their 40’s.

That was really nice!!
Umechan has really good skill to deal with various situation!! 
She is also good at improvising conversation, talked in poised manner…. I think she could leave a good impression to viewers!!
I want her to appear in the show again!!

I love this pose!