Sayanee Joined the filming of TV Show Tamori Club (And 2 other topics on Milky and AKB48WrapUp)

  June 17, 2012

Sayanee will guest TV show Tamori Club

Yamamoto Sayaka 6/16 18:22

I finished with the filming on location for Tamori Kurabu

I dressed in Yukata for the show!
Actually it’s the first time I wore it in these 5 or 6 years(๑´`๑)♡

Though we need to wait for a long to watch the show, as this episode will be aired on Aug 10 lol

Is it only Sayanee who joined the filming?
It was so unexpected that I couldn’t help laughing lol


If it’s Tamori Club, I am very much looking forward to the episode.
They talk about geeky idol stuff??

I guess Tamori Club will do a feature on Castles?
And Sayanee will join as Castle Ota idol.

It’s likely that they do a feature on castles
Sayanee… Don’t dare to do the impersonation (of castles)!!

But if it’s Tamori Club, then we can’t expect what the show will be like….. lol

It’s so nice that she can talk with Tamori-san a whole lot more than in Waratte Iitomo!!
I hope Soramimi Hour segment will be like full of blue jokes!!

But…it looks like Sayanee is really Ame-Onna, isn’t she?

Honmayan lol (:you’re right)

Milky’s inescapable hook

Watanabe Miyuki 6/16 23:38

Haaannnn~ (<-sexy , tempting voice)
Show me your shoulder blade.


Milky….. lol

What the heck is this girl talking about???

LOL She rang the changes !

Please, is there someone who can help me take a photo (of my shoulder blade)????
It looks it’s gonna be dislocated actually!

LOL Waruky-san is rapidly learning a variety of pitches…

I started with taking my clothes off, so what should I do next? lol

Ryota Yakeda 6/17 1:32

To stir myself up. I saw my shoulder blade in a mirror.
Okay…. now the job has done….. I’ll go to bed.

It looks like there’s one fish flirted/fished by Milky…..

LOL You gotta go for ChapuChapu.

It looks like he is almost going to go to Akusyukai to meet Milky.

Well, first of all, you gotta have Ariyoshi Kyouwakyoku aired in Kansai region before thinking about inviting her to the show!

Please show me( ゚∀゚ )

Good night♡

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