LOL’d at adorable Paruru in the upcoming Sitcom “Saturday night channel Child Machine”

  April 6, 2013


AKB48 team B members, including our Kashiwagi Yuki and Kojima Haruna made appearances at the press conference of upcoming midnight comedy program “Saturday night channel Child Machine”.


The broadcasting of the program will start on 13th this month.

The program is a reward to AKB48 team B for their winning the drama competition “So long!”, which was aired in February. The winner of the team battle was judged based on voting from TV viewers – which team’s Drama moved you the most?

The new Sitcom (situation comedy) is directed by our director Fukuda Yuichi, where he wants to create a modern interpretation of 70’s educational program.

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Fukuda is known for his direction of popular Drama series like “Yusha Yoshihiko”,
“Muse no Kagami” or Megutan.

As it’s title suggests, this is a Tv show for children. But it’s aired in midnight. They weirdly put it as “Midnight children show”.

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The show features a variety of unique stuffs – Paruru’s art craft segments, Yukirin’s recitation, Paper Drama (Kamishibai), singing segment, etc.



In it’s director’s words, although the drama initially starts as midnight show, they aim that eventually the show will be relocated to a morning slot, hopefully aired right before ZIP! (Aired from 5:50 to 8:00 on weekdays)

Kohima Haruna’s (worked with Fukuda for midnight Comedy show “Megutan” in 2012) comment:
“I’m glad that we could reunite Thais early!
(Because she is dressed in costume of Megutan and plays a role of “elder sister” for this show) I think my panty flash may be one of the reasons you will enjoy the show!”

Yukirin, dressed in micro mini skirt, showing off her super hit legs (sort of like our ideal sexy school teacher), said “I hope diverse generations of viewers will enjoy this program. As for sexiness, I would like to present different kind of sexiness than panty flash.”

However, during the shoot, Kojima jokingly teased Kashiwagi by saying “You look like an old woman~”.