2 topics: Former AKB48 Maeda Atsuko stars upcoming Drama directed by Movie Director of “Kueki Ressha”

  March 8, 2013

Recently, it’s announced NMB48’s namesake show, “Dokking 48” on Kansai TV net will be dropped. And the news brought quite a big disappointment to fans of the group based in Namba.

But it’s too early to whine!

Today, Kansai TV announced program lineup for this Spring, and among the programs announced today is “NMB to Manabu-kun” (NMBとまなぶくん – NMB and Manabu-kun)!! The show, naturally, features NMB48 members!

Sadly though, chances are high that awesome comedians like Kendo Kobayashi or Tamura Kenji, who have been great mentors for the members, won’t join this show.

The show will be aired from 0:35 midnight every Thursday. The first episode will be aired on April 11th.

source: Yahoo

30 minutes Drama “Aki to Fuyu no Tamako” (秋と冬のタマ子 – in Fall and Winter) that Former AKB48 member, Actress Maeda Atsuko stars will start airing from April 27th on Music channel “MUSIC! TV!” (M-ON – Emu’on – エムオン!).

This is a part of the project lead by movie director Yamashita Atsuhiro, who directed “Kueki Reccha” which featured Maeda Atsuko, and Hoshino Gen, actor and singer song writer.

After graduated university in Tokyo, Tamako -portrayed by Meada Atsuko- returned home where her father was living alone.

She don’t offer enough help for his father’s business, Sports Goods shop. She eats, sleeps, indulges in comics. She is leading a lazy life.

The Drama depicts passing seasons and Tamako’s laid-back life over a yearlong period. 

Video: 「秋の日のタマ子」前田敦子×山下敦弘×星野 源

Video: Video: 「冬の日のタマ子」前田敦子×山下敦弘×星野 源

Comment from Maeda Atsuko:

“Half because of being nervous, half because it was so confortable, I was dozing off (during the filming) all the time like Tamako.

I actually fell asleep sometimes, and enjoyed playing gmaes seriously, but as a result, those helped me prepare for the role.

I could never be more sluggish than when I acted as Tamako. So it’s embarrassing to watch the scene where I eat meals. Because it’s so gross! But that was also a fun experience.”

source: Oricon