Maeda Atsuko plays a role of teacher in SMAP Katori Shingo’s new Drama “Kasukana Kanojo”

  February 16, 2013

Former AKB48 Star Member Maeda Atsuko will appear in prime time Drama titled “Kasukana Kanojo (tentative title)” (幽(かす)かな彼女) which will be aired from this April til June, it’s announced on February 16th. She will play a role of female middle school teacher in the drama.This is the first time Maeda appear in a serial TV drama after graduation from AKB48.
“I’m already very excited even before the start of the filming”, with an excitement Maeda told press,

I hope I will be able to show the real of girls today my acting as a young female teacher, and I will be happy if it resonates with people of the same sex as me.I do my best! “

Kawai Chiho is the name of character Maeda Plays in the drama. She is a vice homeroom teacher of junior highschool third year, Class B, whose homeroom teacher is Kamiyama Akira, a role played by SMAP member Katori Shingo.

Although Akira is the No.1 popular teacher in the school, tackles whatever issues he faces, and is kind enough to give advice etc., when students are in troubles, in fact, he doesn’t have any ideals in the occupation called teacher.Behind the door, he grumbles “Ahhhhh I want to quit this job~~~~!!” He is portrayed as a guy who has a two-faced personality like this.

However, as the story progresses, Chiho witnesses AKira’s growth as a teacher, and it also influences Chiho which helps her grow as a teacher as well.

The drama is broadcast in the same time slot as “Foolish Swan- pocket money of 30,000 yen Love” (2007), the drama in which Maeda made a serial Drama debut. Maeda expressed a deep emotion saying “Six years have passed already since then.”

She said now she is “trying to remember “What were teachers like?””

Although Katori and Maeda have appeared many TV shows together, it’s the first time for the pair to perform together in Drama.

“I’m very glad. It’s really dreamlike because since the time of my reaching the age of discretion, I’ve wachted Drama where Mr. Katori appears.”

“In roles, Mr.Katori is a hoomroom teacher, and I’m a vice hoomroom teacher. Which means we work in the same classroom. I will always be his side, watching his back and try my best. “

The drama will be aired on every Thursday from 10:00 PM JST on Kansai TV net (Fuji TV Net in Kanto Area).

The Drama revolves around a calm math teacher Akira (portrayed by Katori Shingo), who has extrasensory perception and a ghost (portrayed by Watanabe An) who resides in an apartment where Akira lives, and depicts the combi solving isses that trouble junior high school students such as bullying.


*note: In case if you wonder why Tokyohive’s article says different from what’s written here, it’s because translation on the site is wrong.