Paruru and Miorin Help Police Prevent Child Delinquency

  April 14, 2012
AKB48 is helping Gunma Prefectural Police prevent children delinquency by making educational DVD with them. This DVD will be distributed to police stations in the prefecture, and utilized in lectures of preventing children delinquency targeting at children and their parents.
At the first stage of this project, the police conducted survey to ask 1495 students in the pref and based on the results, they made 10 items of questions. In the DVD, Reina Fujie, Miori Ichikawa, Haruka Shimazaki introduce the answers of students to viewers. The questions include ‘who do you think can understand your suffering the most?’ or ‘Do you always greet your neighbor?’
Members also conducted an interview to police officer who are in charge of child guidance.