The rise of unofficial subunits!

AKB48 members’ cute GIF animation collection!

Kawaii ha Seigi

Wingom’s Instant Japanese Lessons: 2 – Giving and Receiving

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Ichikawa Miori is modeling for designer Keisuke Kanda this year again and she nails it!


Why these NMB48 members rank in 37th single Sousenkyo preliminary result and who should have ranked?


NMB48 Theater Manager – Kaneko Takeshi- apologizes for the low amount of members that are ranked this year as part of his responsibility. In response to Mr.Kaneko Takeshi’s speech about

Melonpan Alliance Disbandment


Focusing on the love of Melonpan (メロンパン), a type of sweet bun in Japan, the Melonpan Alliance (メロンパン同盟/Melonpan Doumei) is a club that exists within the 48 Group, with many members

Request Hour Setlist Best 100 DVD & Blu Ray get release! Contains “Hashire Penguin” Music Video


AKB48 “request hour set list best 100 2013” DVD goes on sale! ! AKB48 just announced that this year’s Request Hour, which was held at TOKYO DOME CITY from January

Under Girls “次のSeason”, a Coupling song to AKB48 28th Single Uza, announced


” Whoa. this completely the same as the prediction of AKB fans ”

Dick shaped souvenir you got from Sayanee, and one more on Paruru, Minarun and Miorin on ANN


. ” Anticipated appearance of Paruru in ANN!! Will she host the radio with Shimada and Ohba, right? ” What a spoiler lol ” Shimazaki: “I know you guys will

(Pickups) Watanabe Miyuki made a great leap, selling a lot of 28th Single UZA and 4 more!!!


” Gingmah→UZA (KObetsu handshake event) **Oshima 18/18→18/18 Kashiwagi 13/18→16/18 (2 almost Sold Out) *Shinoda 10/18→14/18 (3) ***Rena *9/18→11/18 (2) *Mayuyu *7/18→*6/18 (3) ***Milky *0/18→*5/18 (3) Takamina *5/18→*4/18 (2) **Kojima *4/18→*3/18

Let’s spread “Fresh Lemon”to every corner of the world!! vol.2


 All these photo collages feat. Fresh Lemon are made by one man with Photoshop CS. He made all of these at the requests of other fans who love to see

Let’s spread “Fresh Lemon”to every corner of the world!!


Poster behind “Don’t do molestation…. NEVER!!” Atsuko: “But I dare to try it.” and 2 more!!!!


Fresh Lemon in the cleavage of Yuppai, emulating Momiman. Sayanee squeezes Fresh Lemon instead of Lemon onto Karaage. Poster behind “Don’t do molestation…. NEVER!!” Atsuko: “But I dare to try

Tomosatsu vol.127 by Suzuki Shihori ~ from FRIDAY


This week’s Cameraman is….. Suzuki Shihori.  As a part of the TV program, recently she joined the training session for professional models. “Model has been an endearing job for me. If I’ll

Team 4 girls help you overcome loss of appetite from summer lethargy!


Mariyagi RanRan  Haruu  Minarun  Ichikawa Miori aka Fresh Lemon Annin  Renacchi  Ricchan  Tanochan  Paruru  Juri MiyuMiyu Karen Abemari

Yoshirin: ”Gingham Check” is a Kami-Kyoku (Godly Song)


About AKB48’s New Song『Gingham Check』 by Yoshirin (Mangaka, Critic, Friend of AkiP, Yuko and Miorin Oshi) I see they’ve gone all the way to white bathing suits.They’ve left behind the

Ichikawa Miori confessed her recent worry (and 3other topics on Tsun Lovetan made Wasamin sick, Teppoutai and Sawako)


Ichikawa Miori confessed her recent worry Ichikawa MioriHi I’m Miorin (・∀・) Discussion Topic: “Am I too serious?”Start~~☆ “Is Lemon having worries?“I feel like Lemon-chan’s writing has become quite stiff. “

5 new members from team 4 to appear in the movie adaptation of ”Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou”


Casts for the movie adaptation of the Drama “Shiritsu Bakaleya koukou” has announced. From Janny’s Junior, members of Snow Man, (Skip), and from AKB48, team 4 members, Kato Rena, Takeuchi

2nd day’s sales of Maeda Atsuko’s 2nd Single (and 6 other stories)


Milky is taught team B’s routine by Izuta Rina Watanabe Miyuki 6/21 12:55 Izurina-sensei, thank you so much??? “ So did they do lesson together??? “ Though it’s Milky’s fault

AKB48 – General Election ‘Future Girls’ Speeches


(Note: I, Wingom, used first name then last name)This was originally from my blog (but this version is slightly newer)Source for images : GIRLS (64th to 49th) 64th – Mika Komori