Total Result of each 48 group wota’s opinions on the upcoming AKB48 Grand Reformation

Ladies and gentlemen, please give me pictures of Shimazaki Haruka aka Paruru!

‘DOCUMENTARY of HKT48’ Movie Director Sashihara Rino fulfilled her Sosenkyo campaign promise to perform in bikini

Maeda Atsuko shares a time when she thought Takamina was too angry LOL

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SKE48 girls are lovely in the behind the scenes cuts from ‘Mae Nomeri’ MV shoot in Okinawa


Sashihara Rino’s skirt got flipped by a 9 year old?! Haruppi’s Kami-7 & Minarun’s shocking confession!


Fan Reactions: What a smart boy! It’s only a quick flip… So perverted! lol That’s toooo quick! Fuku-chan’s not half-assed! To be able to do such thing without even looking…

Please give me picture of members being lovey-dovey with each other!!!


PLEASE! Give me picture of members being lovey-dovey ♡ with each other!!! You might be interested in these articles: SKE48 Kizaki Yuria’s heavenly photo thread!!! (o´▽`o) Let’s share the cutest

AKB48 Members enjoying Catering Chocolate Banana!! Big Fat Banana! Energy Rich Banana! [3topics]


1. Ishida Haruka “It’s so sad that some people broke the rule and record conversation with voice recorder at handshake event” 2. AKB48 Members enjoying Catering Chocolate Banana!! Big Fat Banana!

4 topics: Watanabe Mayu’s 2nd photobook will be released on April 19th


1. Watanabe Mayu’s 2nd photobook will be released on April 19th 2. HKT48 Murashige Anna is concered about her position as the upcoming comedienne Tani Marika gain popularity 3. Guess

Request Hour Setlist Best 100 DVD & Blu Ray get release! Contains “Hashire Penguin” Music Video


AKB48 “request hour set list best 100 2013” DVD goes on sale! ! AKB48 just announced that this year’s Request Hour, which was held at TOKYO DOME CITY from January

6 topics: A fan of Umechan run Tokyo Marathon, received a congrats message from her


Today, it’s Tokyo Marathon! 今日東京マラソンだ! — 梅田彩佳 (@AyakaUmeda) February 24, 2013 By the way, one of my fan told me that he will run Tokyo Marathon, and he said he

(Short Random News) AKB Jidousha-Bu Okinawa Special, HKT48 MV, JKT48, NY

8 A 1 hour Okinawa Special for the show AKB Jidousha-Bu (Driving/Automobile club) will air on the 24th at time, 25:55 to 26:55. (So actually 25th at 1:55am) On HKT48’s

AKB48 大握手会&写真会 (Handshake and 2Shot Event) ~4th Album 1830m~ Day three


2 Shot Photos from AKB48 4th Album “1830m”, theater version’s bonus, Handshake event @Tokyo Bigsite, Sep 2, 2012, 9:00am~ Details: King Records Official Homepage ■Cast: All members from AKB, SKE,

Dick shaped souvenir you got from Sayanee, and one more on Paruru, Minarun and Miorin on ANN


. ” Anticipated appearance of Paruru in ANN!! Will she host the radio with Shimada and Ohba, right? ” What a spoiler lol ” Shimazaki: “I know you guys will

TV Recap – AKBINGO #175 2012/10/10 Kitahara Rie ~答えてトーゼン (You can answer it)~


AKBINGO! 25:14~25:44 Nihon TV net Coming soon is hosted by Ohba Mina & Kato Rena Let’s test the friendship with quiz about yourself! Popular segment, “You can answer it!” If you’re

Waiting Stage of New Team B to start from November 3rd


” Oh man, it’s too soon. Will Kojima-san be alright? ” Possible formation Fuji_Haruu_Miori_Miyu_Komo _Kato_Suzu__Mina_Anya_ ___Mine_Koji_Ume___ ____Milky__Kashi____ ______Paru______ ” When will the members with little promotional support will perform in

Mitsumune Kaoru, Kasai Tomomi absent from events due to bad condition and 2 more


” By the way, the fliming that Mariko is on today is the one that will be chosen based on fan poll result? The one which will be contained in

Takahashi Juri’s Sentaisai, Surprise Birthday Cake present by Kawaei Rina and one more!


. Today’s was Seitansai for my 15th birthday! It was great♥ I love you Kawaei-san! JuRicchan★ .

Happy A, Bacchikoi K, Wasshoi B and Enjoy 4! AKB48 Team 4 performed Enjoy 4 for the first time


Enjoy 4!! ” Happy A, Bacchikoi K, Wasshoi B and Enjoy 4…..!! ” It was so much fun!! Team 4’s live concert in Ishikawa!!! 3!2!1!4! This song started from the

Mariko-sama shared sexy photos of herself!!! and (2 more about Kitarie nad AKB murder case "Aisu no Mi")


Thank you Mariko-sama for posting such a lot of beautiful images despite you’re the bisiest member of AKB48!!! *Mariko-sama also shared pretty awesome photos of Matsui Jurina. If you’re her

Majisuka3 members wrapped up filming


    >I took various photos with Uruse~yo full body photo panel~♪I guess photos Shimada takes are like these?