Sashihara Rino’s skirt got flipped by a 9 year old?! Haruppi’s Kami-7 & Minarun’s shocking confession!

  August 19, 2013

Sashihara Rino's Skirt got Flipped

Fan Reactions: What a smart boy! It’s only a quick flip…
So perverted! lol That’s toooo quick! Fuku-chan’s not half-assed! To be able to do such thing without even looking… what a scary child! Such skill!!!

In case you guys are wondering, the boy’s name is Suzuki Fuku (please don’t send the sweet thing death threats or such…) and he’s a quite well known child actor in Japan.

Quick Note:
As you all know, AKB48 has this term of the Top-7 members as Kami (神 / God) 7 , but Haruppi’s Kami 7 is written in a different kanji (噛み7) which still reads as Kami-7 but with a different meaning – so instead of God, it means to fumble with words (Haruppi constantly does this during MC, and even during her Sousenkyou speech!)

Kodama Haruka 8/18 21:40

This is the announcement of the first member of「Kami-7」!

It is HKT48
2nd Generation Kenkyuusei’s Tomonaga Mio-chan ♡

It looks like the word that she hates is 「た」(ta)
In Google+
The word「Mioshuchubochuchuu」seems to be her tradermark!!

For some reason…
The Mio-chan that fumbles with her words… I want to protect her(o´罒`o)//

Other than “Mio”, she also has “Miotasu” as her pet-name

In HKT48’s 2nd single
She was the double center with Tashima Meru-chan.
She will also participate in the Janken Competition too!!!

Together with Haruppi,
Please support Mio-chan too!

Her bright, shining smile always healed me( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

From now on, with that big smile
I would like her to call me “Haruppishaaaan”! lol

That’s it for the first member announcement for Kami-7!

Please look forward to the next announcement!


Ooba Mina 8/17 23:09

Everyone, I have some information that I would like to share with you.

During the song “First Rabbit” at the concert today, Mana-chan (SKE48’s Mukaida Manatsu) was amazingly cute

I kissed her on the cheeks!

Even though it’s everyone’s Mana-chan… I’m really sorry!!!

⊂( っ´ω`)っ


Fan Reactions: Ah, I saw this when it happened She should’ve done it when the camera wasn’t focusing her way UOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Big Bro wants to kiss her tooooooooooooo
Surprisingly, the number of members that kissed Manatsu is quite low, no?
Kitahara Rie 8/17 23:34


Una-chan, well done! lol If this is the case… then there should be a rule that says concurrent members has to be an older sister to Manatsu!

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