Nikkan dubbed Sashiko ‘Fukuoka’s KAMI’!!

  June 22, 2012
Fukuoka’s Kami!!!!!

With Sashihara Rino joins the group, HKT got tons of offers for press interviews!!

As Sashihara Rino transferred to HKT48 from AKB48, it’s turned out that HKT’s local town Fukuoka’s media outlets have got so heated up.

On 20th, Fukuoka’s local TV company RKB Mainichi offered Sashiko for telephone interview, and it recorded the highest viewers rating among all the programs aired around the same time. HKT48 also has got tons of TV offers and inquiries from local private TV companies.

Sashihara made TV appearance through phone in the interview segment of KyoukanTV with Inoue Kouzou, the vetetan Sho-Biz reporter, from around 4PM on 20th, for about 12 minutes.

Unlike tearful apology she made in ANN and AKB48 Gekijo, in the telephone interview, she looked completely getting back her usual brilliance, as she cheerfully talked “I haven’t yet moved to Fukuoka. Now I’m searching for a room.” “I already talked to members of HKT. I said “I hope you call me Sassy.” to them.”
“I want to learn Hakata-dialect”, she talked and sung the title track of her solo single, in Hakata-dialect, “Sore~ Demo~ Suitouyo~”.
Viewers reaction to Sashihara’s appearance in local TV show was outstanding. The rating was 9.0% (surveyed by Video Research co.) and it was the highest rate throughout this episode of the show as well as among all all programs aired around the same time. Staffs for KyoukanTV, which sometimes loses to other programs in the rating pleasantly said “This is outstanding.”

Actually, after Sashihara’s transfer has announced, HKT48 has constantly got offers from all private TV companies in Fukuoka. (And nationwide variety news  TV shows have reported this phenomenal situation almost everyday.) HKT48 already has 6 regular TV shows, and a staff for KyoukanTV says “HKT’s members are already making appearances in our Sunday edition. And  I want Sashihara-san to make a regular appearance, too.”

Though HKT took a stance that until Sashihara starts fully participating in activities of HKT48, such as Stage debut, they make her refrain from making TV appearances. They released a following comment. “KyoukanTV’s case was exception.”. But Sashihara herself talked during the phone interview of the show, “I want to have a regular TV show in Fukuoka.” It looks like the battle to get Fukuoka’s Kami, Sashihara, in their TV shows will be getting  heated up.

Sashiko appeared big on Nikkan Sports!!

She hit the highest viewers rating again and now media outlets are competing to get her.
But it said she will refrain from making much TV appearance until her stage debut.

Anyway, it’s natural she got so much attention in current situation.
The thing is….. how much she/HKT48 can get regular positions in TV shows.
And that’s where I’m counting on Sashihara..

“Ganbare Sashihara!!!!!” by friday

。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。 Friday…..

I bought Friday and Nikkan.

Friday this time has Tomosatsu. Fresh Lemon took mud Sassy.
Nikkan had a huge headline, “Fukuoka no KAMI, got tons of offers.”
and wrote about how awesome Sassy is as she got the highest viewers rating from the beginning.
I have a junior high school student niece in Kyushu, and it looks like Sassy is ultra popular there.

About the incident this time, she saw boys in her class were angry about it.
I mean they were furious about the guy who leaked it to the magazine.
Most of girls are sympathetic with Sassy.
It looks like Sassy is seriously getting popular in Kyushu!!!

Thank you!!!
Fresh Lemon is also very close to Sassy ^^
…. Rino chan made an appearance in BITEKI (Life style, beauty and fashion magazine)!!!!!!!!!!

Rino-chan info!!!

Sashihara Rino of HKA48, Suzuki Nana, Fukuda Ayano, hot idol, talent and comedian transform elegantly with BITEKI(美的) make-up!!!

LOL What is HKA48???