NyanAtsu (Kojima Haruna and Maeda Atsuko)

  June 21, 2012

Guys!! You have no leisure making fuss about Sashihara!!!!
Soon you can’t see these two girls together in AKB48!!!
Seeing them together is already rare but it’ll be all the harder after Acchan leaves!!”

They look like sisters.

Maeda Atsuko “NyanNyan is pigeon-breasted so she doesn’t have actually that big breasts!!” (during the broadcast of ANN)

Anyway, I paste photos for you~
They were so cute sitting next to each other in the last episode of Kayoukyoku.
Act2 of Acchan’s second single contains the footage from graduation announcement at SSA, and I could see NyanNyan from different angle that I’ve never seen.
She was crying for Acchan so much.
How was it like in backstage??

I listened to Migikata in the Drama, and now feel like buying one.

Which version do you recommend? Act2?
Song-wise, I recommend Act1, but visual-wise, I think Act2 is better.
Because it contains footage from the backstage at SSA.

Thank you (бвб)

It was heartwarming to hear that Mariko’s birthday party was planned by NyanAtsu

I think NyanAtsu’s vocals are the best combination.
In many singles, songs start with AtsuMina’s vocals but I think NyanAtsu work better~
I love the scene from Yuhi o Miteiruka at Seibu Dome where KojiAtsu put their arms around each other’s waists…..
1gen members who’ve belonged to team A since the creation of the group are only Maeda, Kojima and Takahashi.
So these three are the pioneers of the pioneers of AKB48.
We should never compare AtsuMina, NyanMina , AtsuNyan and AtsuMinaNyan to other pairs!!!
They show their bond and friendship when we don’t think about it at all.

I can’t find that earpick Acchan was presented from Nyan….. Please someone help me~
This one?
Thank you~~~!! That was this pose!!
That pose in Kimiha Bokuda!!
Whenever I see the last part of Kimiha Bokuda’s MV. I remind of this earpick…
By the way, I heard Acchan gave an idea of this pose in the MV.
LOL It’s the same pose!!
Was Acchan’s idea inspired by the earpick???
She made this pose when Nyan handed this gift to her so….. if Acchan is hooked with pose, it’s such a heartwarming episode for fans as well^^
MV of Romaira (Romance Irane) starts with NyanAtsu~
Nyan is called Haruna by Acchan…. it’s so Moe~~~.
I could hear Acchan calling Nyan Harune on radio!!
What did she talk?
She was just talking about heights. She said “Mariko and Haruna are tall.”
But I just like it when Acchan calls Nyan Haruna.
Thank you!! But…. I think Nyan is only 2cm (or 3) taller than Acchan??? lol
I really hope Acchan will make an appearance in next year’s Request Hour……