Yukirin doesn’t necessarily need to be AkiP’s Oshi?

  June 21, 2012
“Idol For Lyfe!!!!!!” (from AKBINGO)

Yasusu is so cold to Yukirin….

Is it Yukirin’s destiny that she will keep being consumed and ultimately get dumped??

I’ll put Yasusu in a trance!!

Yukirin “I’ll be sulking if you don’t make me your Oshi!!”
Yasusu “…..” 

Yukirin can do fine without begin patronized by AkiP!!

I agree.
Starting a new year which she will then again be called “Hosare (members who have got poor promotions from management)”….. I think tt will be tough for Yukirin herself, too.
It’s no use for her to belong to AKB48, so I want her to graduate the group soon!!

But I don’t think it’s right to graduate because she declared that she will be an idol for entire life…. 
Once she graduates, it’s all over.
Don’t even think about graduation!

In the previous broadcasting of ANN, Yasusu deliberately name Yukirin to dis her…
Or should I take it positively? Like….it actually means Yasusu can’t stop thinking about Yukirin?

He said something like “She lacks something because of being shy or hesitating”.

I think in that context he was comparing her with Acchan, so he was not dissing Yukirin that much.

But Acchan is by far shy compared to Yukirin.
Acchan could never say such a embarrassing catchphrase like Yukirin.
So when he said something like Yukirin’s shyness or hesitation was not good, I was thinking he is very harsh to Yukirin because Takamina said “Speaking that embarrassing catchphrase non-stop…. I think Yukirin is a brave!!”
Afterward, he talked about Acchan’s poor talking ability. He praised her by saying”She is a true idol!!”…. I got so turned off…..
(He said something like – Miichan speaks too much for an idol (in very kind tone). Look  Acchan, she doesn’t talk that much, but she let others talk, but who shines the most in this case is Acchan. Everyone says Acchan is so shy and cute~~.)
If it’s opposite, then he would surely say “Maeda can speak that embarrassing catchphrase non-stop! She is perfectly an idol!!” and “Kashiwagi is still poor at talking…”
The same holds true to Sashihara. Akimoto sees cons of his favorite men as pros, while he sees tiny cons of his not-so-favorite men as serious cons.

LOL That’s a ridiculous double standard.

But it’s not that AkiP intentionally raised Yukirin’s name. When Miichan named Yukirin after she read a listener’s question “Who is your ideal idol?”, AkiP reacted by saying Yukirin is not good.
He extremely praised Milky, by the way…
Basically, he doesn’t give his support to members who are good at marketing themselves.
Kashiwagi and Oshima have already established their own characters, and if AkiP tries to put his flavor to them, it would end up running their unique characters.
And I think AkiP of course understands this.
And this “less-AkiP-flavor” thing is one of the reason she is so captivating.
It somehow conveys the story that she forged her path despite the poor environment.

I think Yukirin is not only about gravure but she can do a good job in Variety TV shows.
I want her agency, Watabane production, to do better job for her…

Not only Kashiwagi, but he is basically cold to members of Watanabe Productions.
Maybe he don’t like Osawa Tsuyoshi (the executive manager at Watanabe pro and a person in charge of AKB members who belong to the agency. )?

The reason she got poor treatment from AkiP is of course because she belongs to Watanabe production. lol
Look agencies team 4 members have transferred!!
That exactly tells how power balance within AKB48 is working!!! I can even say this is the proof (of why certain members get much more chances than others.)

Iriyama Annna -> Ohta Production
Yamauchi Suzuran -> Hori production
Ichikawa Miori -> Ogi production
Ohba Mina -> Japan Music Entertainment
Abe Maria -> (same as above)
Shimazaki Haruka -> Big Apple
Shimada Haruka -> office48
Nakamura Mariko -> Shinei Production
Takeuchi Miyu -> Oh Enterprise
Nagao Mariya -> Irving
Nakamata Shiori -> Watanabe entertainment
Yagami Kumi -> Watanabe pro
Matsui Rena -> Grick
Takayanagi Akane -> Avex entertainment

Anyway, he always puts utmost priority to Ohta Pro’s members.

But Watanabe pro has a lot of sef-produced TV shows, and she hardly appear in those shows….

So he doesn’t want Watanabe pro to hold power in AKB48.
You know, it’s would be troublesome if Watanabe pro which is the very influential agency in this industry to hold a too strong position.

And I thought he kept Yukirin untouched to draw attention of Watanabe pro….
Maybe he can’t touch Yyukirin too much because Watanabe pro’s that female president cares about Yukirin so much? She is so affectionate to Yukirin.

Watanabe Miki on twitter (Chairman of Watanabe Production)

Kashiwagi in 2nd place in the early result!!! Amazing!! I’m feeling happy…. Thank you so much!!
Kashiwagi Yuki’s photobook “Yu…Yu..Yukirin” has an outstanding quality!! It’s a super orthdox idol photobook, but at the same time it’s “Document” and “Art” and “Creation” of the star art director Mr.Yanai Michihiko!! This is a phenomenal photobook!!! 

Song-wise, she’s got top-class evaluation from AkiP, I think.
If AkiP doesn’t value her much, then he wouldn’t have given her such many solo numbers.
She, like Takamina, will most likely make a solo debut, and probably now they are waiting for the best timing for it? 

Yukirin doesn’t easily show her true self,
Because Yasusu likes to points out funny things when members revealed their true personality, she may be not so interesting to him…

Yamamoto Sayaka, Kashiwagi Yuki, Oshima Yuko in the past,
Akimoto praises those ingenious, all-rounders, but never show interest in them.

From AkiP’s eyes….
Yuko, Yukirin: Have a strong personality and difficult to deal with.
Sashihara: Very loyal to him and easy to deal with.
Atsuko: She is AKiP’s type. She is also moderately rebellious.
Takamina: Very appreciated as a leader. She can do heart-to-heart communication with AkiP.
Milky: Finally found hidden character. He instantly hooked with her.
That’s my personal impression of how he feels about members…..
He said the member whom he likes as a woman is Kojiharu in ANN.
But…. be honest… I know you like Acchan.

Kojiharu tops the list as  a member who “You can most safely name when you are asked which AKB member is your type.”

If you allow me to get serious, I would say I don’t mind if she doesn’t get great promotions.
You know, it rather keeps Yukirin and Yukirin Ota highly motivated.

I guess he rather recognizes Yukirin and her Ota.
Kashiwagi attracts tons of fans without particularly strong push,
and her Ota get heated up as she isn’t given a fair treatment for her popularity and want to prove her popularity by spending money.
Maybe he likes Yukirin as a source of money…

Just like Yukirin, Yuko and Mayuyu are also a big source of money when he doesn’t touch them, though he may not like them as he can’t say, “They are grown by me!!”

I think she benefits from being said “Not given enough chances for her popularity.” when she actually has got more promotions than most of other members.
That’s how true Hosare (:poorly treated) members Ota look at her.