Yukirin Answered to Question From Fans

  May 1, 2012

Yukirin uploaded her blog~~!

She has been regularly asking fans to send her questions they want to ask her through her blog, and this is her answer to questions from fans sent in response to her request for questions about a week ago.

2012-04-30 13:18:22

Answer to questions!

◇What Yukirin’s flower do you like? (<- this question was written in weird Japanese, so she thought she can answer in the same weird manner? lol) ◆Yukirin’s nose???

*Flower and Nose pronounce the same in Japanese.

◇Do you have essentials for your life??

◆Okaasan。(idol / 20y/o)

◇What you were infatuated with when you were 2nd year of junior high school?

◆Searching for deodorant with good smell

◇What are you secretly interested in lately?

◆Why only Sassy is having Hope-Gaze in the jacket of GIVE ME FIVE! Type-A?

(Why Mayuyu is looking somewhere else like a boy in adolescent age, and why Yukirin looks like Evangelion in this costume??)

◇For breakfast, are you for bread sect or Weider sect?

◆I’m fruit sect! (<-Making serious face!)
◇I lives in Ishikawa pref. What image do you have for Ishikawa?

◆Rika Ishikawa san (former Morning musume), Kenrokuen (Cultural sight)

  • Since fans sometimes call her Nose (or Garlic nose) because of the unique shape of her nose, she was making fun of herself to wrote Yukirin’s nose. lol Maybe she wanted to say even when people speak it to mean flowers all Hana sounds Hana(Nose) to her ears.
  • “Okaasan。(idol / 20y/o) ” this is the 2nd (or 3rd? I’m not sure) time she gave this answer.
  • I didn’t know Sashiko’s gaze in the Jacket is called Hope-Gaze ( Kibou-Mesen ) (most Japanese don’t know), but this word frequents in members’ blog. It’s kind of an AKB jargon.
Fans reacted with comments like “Lol she said nose herself…” “Even her writing is full of Yukirin.” “She is such a good copy-righter!!”