It would be something he can’t be interested in at all….

Why Oshima and Kashiwagi is so poorly treated by AkiP (compared to original members and Sassy)?

Why you name Kashiwagi instead of Mayuyu!?!? lol

LOL I just forgot that Mayuyu was in AKB48 

Why you forget Mayuyu??
Mayuyu will play a central role in AKB48, you know. Now Oshima is too old.

So is Mayuyu Hosare? (Poorly promoted members by management) I can’t see her and Yukirin in the new commercial for Aisu no Mi….

Tomochin “So, Acchan? What will you do after graduating AKB?”
Acchan “Actually….”
Sashiko “Huhhhh!!!”
Mariko “What? What?” “She is dead!! I can’t believe this is true!!?”
Acchan “Let me solve this case! The victim is Kato Rena. She was beaten to death during the filming of the commercial. Left clues are the letter “N” and the mysterious code (23K.24AB). Who was at the site ?”
Takamina “No one except members.)”
Acchan “Suspects are… all 89 members of AKB48!”
Yuko “But you are not included.”
Miichan “And the victim!!”
Acchan “Minus two!!”
Members “She revised….”
Acchan “Will the mystery be solved, or will ice pops be melted up? Aisu no Mi!!”

I don’t know how she is considered among fans of AKB48, but Mayuyu herself is very populr among children.
But the thing is she is a too orthodox type of idol, and doesn’t quite suit for a center of AKB48 . We can’t tell if she can be a good center before she actually plays a center.
As for scandal,  like the past one, she is a kind of an idol that people make a fuss when she only meets a man privately, so she gotta be very careful about it….

I think it may be because they haven’t nurtured by AkiP.

Yasusu actually likes Mayuyu.
He gave more than 5 solo songs to her even before she made her solo debut.
When he introduced her to Exile, he said, “She is the No.1 idol in AKB48.” and repeatedly said “(Mayuyu is) Kawaii” As an idol, he actually takes care of Mayuyu more than Sashihara, I think.
But because Mayuyu doesn’t like to have too cozy relationship with people, and hasn’t been attached to him unlike Takamina or Sashihara. He once said Mayuyu only sends work-related emails, but not other things….. But if she was attached to AkiP as much as Sashihara is, he would absolutely dote on Mayuyu….
And Oshima and Kashiwagi like Mayuyu for this reason. Jurina is similar to Oshima, you know she doesn’t explicitly show her affection to AkiP.
Another reason is that Mayuyu doesn’t fit quite well in variety TV shows or “Surprise”. Orthodox type of idols have very limited way to market….
Recent tendency is that Mayuyu has got support from Sony and Ogi pro, and then gradually has become a favorite of directors and creators who are working with the record label and agency.

So…. AkiP is only interested in original members and Sashihara.

And after Sashihara leaves, the position in charge of variety TV shows will be taken over by Fresh Lemon?? (Fresh Lemon is obviously making fairy many TV appearances for her popularity and rank in the election, though she rarely has a chance to speak in major TV shows)

Don’t forget Takamina….

He was also a bit harsh on Yukirin and Yuko in the last broadcasting of ANN….

I think that’s why Jurina is now in team K.

Okay…. so the reason why Milky and Jurina have concurrent positions in AKB48 is to keep AkiP motivated and interested in AKB48, right? lol

Certainly I have a feeling that AKB48 will be the group of Jurina….

Though it seems like he is loosing interest even in Jurina….. I have a bad feeling about this….

Obviously the member who he is the most interested in currently is Milky.
I guess he is even thinking to let her take over Sashihara’s position (in TV shows, live concerts etc.)

Anyway, there’s one undeniable fact. He is not interested in top3 members of this year’s election at all.

Anyway, no matter how huge promotion and favor Milky and Jurina get from AkiP, there’s one undeniable fact. They can never beat Yuko and Yukirin in term of popularity among fans.

As a man, I am sympathetic with AkiP…. you know, we can’t be interested in girls who are not our type no matter how hard we try…..

No matter who he will bring to AKB48, once he’ve got used to Sashiko, anyone would be felt more or less boring to him….

So, not liking Yuko and Kashiwagi while liking Maeda, Sashihara, Jurina, Milky and Joe means he has a different perception from most of fans…… it’s actually great he could produce such a successful group with peculiar taste….

And even Shinoda hasn’t not so much favored by him…..
He actually have a really weird taste lol

But those (top) memebrs who haven’t got huge promotion in AKB48 actually can have plenty of opportunities for other fields of work for the very reason….

So when I first heard NMB’s Joe is his Oshi, I thought “Oh someone is spreading a false rumor again…”

Honestly speaking, Takamina and Mayuyu will be central of AKB48, right?
He has no intention to promote Yukirin, and then Yuko openly said she has no intention to lead AKB48 to news reporters.

It will be no problem. We have Jurina and Yokoyama.

The thing is…. these top3 haven’t yet provided any topics at all….
Maybe magazines will have nothing to write about AKB48 after Sashihara left the group….

The number of their solo commercials Mayu:0, Yuko: 1(Final Fantasy), Yukirin: 0

It looks like…. Yuko and Yukirin don’t trust AkiP in a good way lol (it’s often said that they don’t keep distance from AkiP, but carefully watch what he is doing at a close range.)
So who will be the shield from Anti for all other AKB48 members after we lost Acchan and Sashihara?

It’s a bit tricky to figure out how AkiP is feeling about Mayuyu…. Is she his Oshi-men? Or he doesn’t like her? We can say both….

He rarely talks about Mayuyu, so…. chances are he is not particularly interested in Mayuyu.
Basically I have a impression that he doesn’t like Otaku type members.

After all, his Milky is his Oshi-men right now. That said…. he is just a dirty old man lol

But with her upcoming 2nd single, Mayuyu will have the most solo songs among all AKB members who have made solo debut.
Though it can’t be helped if she is not promoted by management…..

So he will focus on increasing popularity of Mayuyu among female fans throughout this year.

By the way, Sashihara is also very popular among female fans.
Yasusu once said “I want her to become ICON for low-key girls.

Yasusu Senbatsu.
Maeda, Takamina, Minegishi, Kojiharu, Shinoda and who else?

Jurina and Paruru.