Not that we promote our Oshi-men here, but just subjectively   think about who can be the best center for AKB48.

Jurina Matsui!!

“Subjectively” means that we name a member whom most of fans can agree upon?
Or we consider non-AKB fans’ perspective as well???

It’s the former.
I think it’s gonna be either Yuihan or Umechan!!

LOL You sound like me…
But…. if I consider who other people prefer, maybe it’s Mayuyu.

From non-AKB fans perspective -> Yuko.
From Ota’s perspective -> Yuko as well.
By rights, it will be like this.
Or… how about 超Senbatsu members play a center in turn?
We shouldn’t choose from Young generations (after 8gen) because whoever she might be, it will bring severe rejection….

I don’t mind who will be a center, because I’m not interested in a girl who plays a center.

I think, as long as there’s the Adult trio (Yuko, Mariko, Kojiharu), and they can keep doing decent performance, it doesn’t make a big difference who plays a center. (and I think this trio will be AKB members until the group breaks up)

Whoever the next center will be, Ota won’t agree with the choice unless she has Ponkotsu-like personality.

But that means we can only choose from Paruru or Manatsu???

So…. you don’t think Yukirin is the right choice???? orz

I guess it will be either Yuko, Mariko or Jurina.

I think anybody can work as long as she is as mentally tough as Acchan.
It’s troublesome if she gets easily get hurt and mentally unstable….

The toughest Ace of AKB48, Acchan, used to get moody often.

So in that sense, Yuko meets the requirements.
Though she may graduate soon, too….

If it’s not that like Acchan, she will gradually get recognized by general public, then the only choice we have is Yuko or Mariko if we care about how non-AKB fans see AKB48.

Jurina, Mayuyu and Kodama-chan.

So how about promoting Mayuyu, Jurina and Paruru like Toukon Sanjushi (Fighting spirit 3 Musketeers)? 
(Toukon Sanjushi, Muto, Hashimoto and Chono were dubbed new generation and took over the rule of New Japan Pro wrestling from Older generation after years of confrontation and conflict.)

Sashihara for a center!!
Support role: Mayuyu and Yurikin

It’s tough for anyone to be have the same level of charisma as Acchan.
So they gotta go with top 2 or something like that.
How about MayuJuri??

MayuYui for 2 top center!

AkiP “Jurinaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!”

Mayuyu or Jurina

Definitely it’s Haruu!!!
I can’t think of anyone but her!!

Top 2 system is not that bad.
“Mayuyu and Jurina” may be the reasonable choice.
“Mayuyu and Mashima” is also a nice choice!
Or how about going drastic with “Mayuyu and Paruru”?

Probably (top 3 will be) Mayuyu, Paruru and Milky.
Jurina has been somehow lead in another direction.

It’s safe to choose the next center based on current popularity, but people will get bored soon since they will see what they’ve already seen for many times.
It’s kind of a waste of talent to let Aamin sink into oblivion… she has a stunning visual, and she is young….

If she will get serious about diet, then I am for Amina.

SenNezu for 2top center!!
I can’t stand if non-popular member will take over Acchan’s sacred position…

It’s gonna be Mayuyu.
She is not especially glamourous, but she is cute, and like Acchan, she doesn’t make the other members’ performance pale.
She is competitive, has strong and professional mind.
If only Yuihan had kept her slim shape…
I think members who are close to Yuko is the candidate for next Ace.

Let me nominate Sawako Hata…….. it looks like nobody will agree with me…. lol

The only choice is Jurina!
The rest are merely an ordinary people.

You mean full transfer??

I’m Acchan Ota, and I think Mayuyu or Jurina (if she can be fully transferred to AKB) are viable choices.
As far as I can think of now, They are the only members who are younger than Acchan and have charisma in their performances.
If Yuihan gets slim again, then she will also be a strong candidate, but maybe she is easy to gain weight constitutionally ….

Mayuyu for center and Jurina, Milky in next row.
It’s written in MV of Manatsu no SG! that Acchan willl pass the torch to Mayuyu.

I’d rahter like top 2 of Jurina and Mayuyu…

As we say, it’s not right to pick Jurina for a center….
She extremely lacks “Girly” aspect compared to Mayuyu, Paruru and Milky….
It’s not something that she can offset by effort…
Jurina is not a kind of person who can be a (girly) idol in the first place.
But if she shifts her character into a Boy-like type of idol, then it’s gonna be a different story.

I agree with the idea of top 2 centers!
But one of top 2 should be Yuko…
And for the other, i hope they pick a prospective from the young generations.
Everyone knows Oshima sooner or later will leave this group, so they need to send a sign to Ota that after Oshima, this girl will be the next center, and my idea is effective for this purpose.
And if the young girl fails to become a center that many people can accept, then they can just withdraw her from center and pretend that nothing had occurred.

We need to see if Paruru and Mayuyu work before naming them top 2, so for a while, we’d better go with Yuko as a center and ParuMayu at second row.

I don’t know how long they can keep up their performance, but practically speaking, we’d better adopt a shift system and let Kami members play a center in turn.

Why don’t you go with more simple way, such as picking a member who ranks in the highest position among the teen members.

It’s complicated… I don’t mind if they select Mittsu!

I would like to say, “Of course Mayuyu…”
But if I choose one from members who are not my Oshi-men, Jurina can be a good center, I think
Yuko-san will be a reliable center as well.

There were tons of people who were not satisfied with Acchan, but because she had been a center for such a long time, it had come to the point that nobody particularly had doubts about it.
So if Acchan, who often looks vigorless, can fulfill the role of a center, then anybody can be a center.

Center is not about her personality but just a position in performance.
How she looks like off stage had nothing to do with it.
Besides, there’s no other member who has a body as beautiful as hers and who can dance as elegantly as her.

After I watched this TV program (ZIP), I’m determined that I want Yuko to lead AKB48.
She declared that she will create new AKB.
Yuko will surely develop the full potential of the younger generations!

But, AkiP is trying to make Mayuyu, Paruru and Milky the front members of AKB48.
He may consider Jurina as a kind of Solo act??

Though Yuko is willing to take on that role, it’s difficult to not to feel stale if she will be a next center….

You know, people criticized even Acchan, so whoever it will be, she will have to stand huge bashing.

Though I want to say Sassy as she is my Oshi, but..
If they are gradually making a generation change, then Mayuyu is gonna be their choice.
And if they don’t make a generation change for a while, they will select Yuko and Yukirin
If they are brave enough to make a drastic change, then…… Jurina will be the next center after Acchan.

I’d rather think that they’d better to pick from members who are not widely recognized among general public.
Such as Paruru, Annin, Renacchi or… Yuiri Murayama from 13gen, because if they choose these girls, it will make a headline with the copy, “next generation catapulted to the front of AKB48”

Reliability: Yuko
Freshness: Mayuyu
Momentum: Sashiko
If they choose one of these three girls, then I have no complaint.

I think it’s alright if they choose Sashiko for be a center, but she should improve her posture…. Center of AKB48 should look beautiful when she is standing on a stage, otherwise it makes the whole performance look dull.

Because of the nature of AKB48, it’s impossible to select a member whom everyone can agree on.
As a group, it’s best to have Sashiko as a center and let her take on a role to be a shield against bashing for all other members.

By rights, Yuko should be a center. She gets votes and well recognized among general public. But you guys won’t agree, right?
If it’s inevitable to be slammed, then let AkiP’s favorite member (Sashiko in this case) become a center, and let Yuko do what she wants to do but not a center.
After all, currently there are no outstanding figures in this group….

From what I see at Akusyukai etc. I figured that it’s not that being young means being popular.
Obviously, members who are in their 20’s are more popular than younger members.
It will be risky to make a generation change too quickly.

Most members who appear in AKB’s namesake shows are the younger generations (team 4, Kenkyusei).
But let’s face it… do you think these shows are interesting? Probably not.
So it’s not just because they had a promotional support from management,
but, looking back, I keenly feel that top members have an aura of glamour, and they were funny.
Now, casts for Bakaleya are mainly team 4 members.
They have opportunities to join live concerts in big venues, and have a lot of exposures to many fans… so I think they are in very lucky circumstance…

It works. Or we can even say, “This formation is the best!!!”

Heavy Rotation became a little bit awkward with Yukirin in a center, but she nails it in Everyday Cachucha!

It’s really hard to find a girl who is slender and has long toned legs, not too tall but not too short, not a Gravure-style of girl, and looks nice both in Kawaii style, Ballad style and Cool style performances, and on top of that, doesn’t have perfect looks so that she will inflame (other members’) Ota’s competitive spirits.

I think a little behind the center, the usual position of her and Takamina is a suitable position for Yuko, after all.
So… naturally Mayuyu will be a center….? 
But…. if she plays a center in every single release…. then AKB’s songs may lose its variety and become like Warota….

I hope they will select a different member for a center in each time of single release.

Please adapt the rotating center system and select Mayuyu, Yukirin and Rena in rotation.

In AKB0048 way, we will no longer use center system after AKB’s first and the last center Acchan left the group…

I watched MV of Ponytail to Chuchu for the first time in a long time, and I’m once again convinced that Maeda was an ideal center.
When she’d hold strong competing spirit against Maeda, Yuko’s performance as a center was even better than Maeda.
But I feel that it lacks something important that Yuko will play a center when her good rival isn’t there..