Which Will Be The Next Center of AKB48, Paruru or Mayuyu or ‘No Name’?

  May 20, 2012

Which will be the next center of AKB48? Of course it’s not necessarily to be a fixed position unlike AKB48 in past over 6 years that Acchan has been indisputable Ace for 6 years. AKB48 fans once again started spinning a sweet fancy to dream about how AKB’s next center will be like.

From two channel “Who will be the next center of AKB? Haruka Shimazaki (Paruru) or Mayu Watanabe (Mayuyu)?”

Paruru has (of course) a similar style to Acchan, so she maybe the favorite of AKiP.

Mayuyu is a bit too unique to be a center of the group.
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I guess recent supportive push to Paruru may be the sign that they are thinking to educate her to be a center.

Since I’m Paruru-Oshi, so I hope it’ll be Paruru.

Really? I just can feel a bad feeling for Paruru being a center….

(*)No chance for Paruru, since she lags far behind Mayuyu, who is as old as she.
(AKB48 members after 8gen is said to be slow to grow compared to girls of SKE and NMB)

Just normal thinking, a member who has the biggest support right now will be the strongest candidate for the next center.

I don’t think that AKiP is always looking for someone like Atsuko Maeda.

(to *) But popularity can change quickly. If they pick Paruru as a center for like one year, then she will soon be more popular than Mayuyu.
We have to factor in the difference of their careers as Paruru is 9gen while Mayuyu has been one of the most popular members since the early period of AKB48.

I hope Mayuyu will be the center.

Paruru is…. sorry Paruru, but she is getting fat, so I think she has less chance.

Anyway, we will see one direction in the election, won’t we?
Even though the election only decide a center for the election single,
A member who will be the next Ace can’t be allowed to rank down for any reason.


Watch MV of Manatsu no Sounds Good!, I have a impression that actually Milky is a more promising candidate than Paruru.
Though we can’t discuss on the 2 members who hold 2 posts in AKB and their original groups until they completely transfer to AKB48.
Paruru? She must go ahead of Milky who has similar length career as her if she is serious for the center position.

Currently, if we put 3 members in order, then it’s gonna be like,
Mayuyu > Jurina > Paruru
which is no brainer, but Paruru is also considered as a candidate for the next center without a doubt.

Did you call me?

Of course Mayuyu.

If we pick one member who would bring the smallest ripple when she is named the center, it will be Mayuyu.

If they are a similar type of person as an artist, then we can compare them each other.
But it’s really disrespectful to Acchan to compare Paruru with her.
Mayuyu is the most likely center after Acchan.
Jurina comes next… but she is attached to SKE so much….

But the center of team 4 is Miyu Takeuchi, isn’t it??

Whoever become a center, it’ll make no difference.
Maeda also comes about 5th or somewhere near this when it comes to an overall ability as an idol.
If one is dubbed as a center accompanied by Yuko, Mariko, Kojiharu and Tomochin, she can instantly become a charismatic center.
It’s all about members who support the center in the forefront.

It’s kind of like carrying a small shrine for her if someone who has been always ranked 2nd or 3rd will become a center.
It’s not sufficient to make the mood exciting enough to welcome the start of the next chapter of AKB.
Paruru is still a gemstone, not a gem. She has just started being polished.
Watching her changing dramatically makes me so excited…

But she is not at all a new face since she’s been there for 2 and half years. Besides, she’s not so young as she’s graduated high-school already.

Paruru is not even Ace of team 4…..
In Maeda’s case, everyone admit her being an irreplaceable center because she is an original member (1 and 1.5 gen members), but if they treat Paruru the same, she will end up being crushed.

You guys put too much expectation on Paruru in the first place.
She can never put up with the pressure of being a center of AKB48.

Anyway, the next center have no leisure to relax unlike Maeda.
She needs to convince fans and Kami members that she should be a center within a short time.

I think even if they want Paruru to be a next center, I hope that first they’ll go with Mayuyu as a center before making Paruru a center.
If Paruru becomes a center right now, then I think original members will have nowhere to stay…

Just normally think, it’ll be Mayuyu.
She has been in the top places in 3 consecutive elections, which means she has enjoyed stable popularity.
So I think she is ideal for a center of AKB48. What do you think?

Anyway the right answer is gonna be like Mayuyu or Sashiko being a center for about 2 years, then Jurina.
Paruru? No way!! lol

Sashiko is more “No way”.

Sashiko hasn’t fallen to the point where she loses to likes of Paruru lol.
Though Sashiko looks to disadvantage compare to ohter regular Senbatsu members (<- Kami 8 members would be more right).

I think if Jurina can’t leave a good result in this election, then she will have little chance to become a center.

It’s no surprise if Mayuyu becomes a center, but…. personally…. it will weaken my passion for AKB..

I don’t want to let anyone take on the center role of current AKB48…
(because whoever becomes center, she must be going to be subjected to close scrutiny.)

If Mayuyu would be a next center, AkiP already would have made her a center….
The reason why Maeda has become a center of AKB48 is not because she is the cutest (but AkiP found potential in Acchan).

If AkiP’s policy is “A center should be played by a member who don’t want to be a center”, then Sashiko is quite likely to be a next center…. (<- lol)

Paruru hasn’t reached the necessary level.
Jurina is not a AKB48 member after all.
After the process of elimination, Mayuyu left at last.
Many say it’s impossible for her, or it’s unacceptable, but somebody has to be a center after Acchan.
Or AKB48 will suspend this “center system” and move to “double center”?

We can predict the future direction of AKB48 from who they choose for a next center.
If it’s an already popular member, then they will head for money-making way.
If it’s an unknown member, then… it’ll be a way which is consistent to the original concept of AKB48.

I’m ok with double center of Payuyu.
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I guess there’ll be no center for the rest of this year.
The election single in August: Probably Yuko
October single: multiple center like they did in Beginner
December single: Janken Senbatsu
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Do we not need to think about Yihan’s possibility?

After all I think it’ll be the best to let multiple members to act as a center in turn.

By the way, what to do with team A?
Who will fill the hole after Acchan?

Of course Kaoru.

It’s no brainer. Sashiko will be the center of team A.

I can’t accept Paruru…. she looks too dull on a stage….

Honestly, most of 超Senbatsu members (= Kami 8) have come to the point that they aren’t interested in the ranking or the hierarchy in AKB48.
They care much more about their position in the Show-Biz world.
For them, AKB is a place that they belong to, but a pressure of being a center is nothing more than obstacle for them.
The only member who are willing to take on the center role is Mayuyu, I guess.

AkiP will never make Sashiko a center. I’m 100% sure.
If he does this, then it’s a proof that AkiP’s instinct has withered.
The ideal post for Sashiko is a supporting role.

So… Jurina is already over in this sense… (in AKB48)?

If she abandons SKE and completely becomes a member of AKB48, then she won’t be over.
The same is true to Milky.
But they won’t choose this way… probably…

You know what? On Acchan fan thread, they’ve been talking about not Paruru, not Sashiko, not Mayuyu, but Jurina for a successor of Acchan!

Instead of making someone who’ve already widely known to fans a next center, which will surely bring tons of questions and criticisms, why don’t they pick unknown members who are around 14 or 15 y/o?
It’s gonna be more exciting, isn’t it?
It’s kind of pointless to compare this (next center thing) with the original members, but the reason they chose Acchan for a center is that they felt potential to be a diamond in her. If they want to continue this project for a decade, they’d better make a drastic bet!!

For instance… who?

If so, it’s already clear who will be the next center. Without any doubt, it’ll be Karen Iwata.
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(Karen -chan is currently playing a starring role for Anime AKB0048. It’s sure impossible not to think she is one of the potential next center when you watch this Anime.)

I totally agree with you. If she will be the next Ace for years, then she should be under 17 y/o at least if she hasn’t popular yet.
If Paruru was still that young, then it would be worth promoting her to a center, but since she isn’t very popular and as old as Mayuyu, it doesn’t make any sense to choose Paruru over Mayuyu.
So, let’s be realistic. Though they are not AKB48, I think Jurina or Joe Eriko should be next centers of AKB48. Jurina is already popular and Joe is 2 years younger than Jurina yet she is getting enormously popular among NMB48 fans.
(AkiP described his impression on Joe as “I’ve never been struck by such a biggest impact since when I first saw Jurina.” )
If they choose from members of AKB48, it’ll be members who’ve promoted to team 4 recently.
I don’t know much about them, but maybe Karen-chan?

Paruru, Mayuyu, Yuihan, anyone is ok as long as they have a good figure like Acchan.
I really loved Acchan’s beautiful pose she makes with her long arms and legs…
Jurina is too tall and…. her face is a bit big….
After all there’s no one like Acchan…
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I think Paruru has a really good figure….!!

Okay everyone, we got a final answer.
Annin!!! (Anna Iriyama)

Acchan is an angle….