Paruru Got The Determination To See The Height Of AKB48

  May 5, 2012
Minarin (captain of team 4) and Paruru (Ace of team 4)

Today’s Nikkan Sports featured Paruru, 9gen member who was promoted to a regular member on 8th Dedc 2010, and became one of the first member of newly created team 4 on 6th June 2011.

2yeas ago, she raked in 28th in the 2nd general election, which was the highest of all KKS at that time, but she ranked down to out of the ranking (below 40th) last year.

She said “I haven’t changed anything from last year. As usual of me, I have done things at my own pace. My goal for this election is…. I want to be in top-32 (2G). Top-16 is… maybe it’s difficult.”

Though she is always keep her own pace and be true to her natural personality, situation surrounding her has drastically changed. She was the only member who made an appearance at last year’s Record Taisho, in which AKB48 won the best prize, from team 4. She’s also increased exposure to media outlet such as magazines and Dramas. She confessed her thought on recent promotion she’s been receiving, saying “I feel a lot of pressure. I want all members of team 4 do their best and make the best result, but at the same time hold a thought that I have to be No.1 among team 4. It’s like I gotta do it (for the team).”

Her good understanding of surrounding situation made her realized what it means to be Ace. Paruru is going toward the height of AKB48.

Source Nikkan Paper issue