What Are The Highlights Of 4th General Election?

  April 30, 2012
AkiP’s acquaintance paints portraits of past winners of elections

As the upcoming June election (27th single Senbatsu Sousenkyo, 4th general election) is approaching, everyone is curious about how results will turn out to be. Of course this election will mark the historic change of the group as Acchan, indisputable Ace of AKB is leaving the group, and Media Senbatsu system is abolished. Changed from previous elections, this election will choose 64 members for 4 songs of 27th single. 64 members will be divided into 4 groups, members ranked between 1~16(1G), 17~32(2G), 33~38(3G), 49~64(4G) are to form teams of 16 members respectively. Painted as election for generation change from Mamoru monotachi to Semeru monotachi, one of the main focus of this election is how veteran Senbatsu members defend their position, how fresh faces will grab higher positions, and who will win the 1st place, and most importantly how non-AKB48 groups (SKE, NMB and HKT) will prove they have come build up nationwide popularities.
Next Election Will Be The Election For Rino Sashihara aka Sashiko
From two channel “Talk About Next Election

What points you guys are paying attention?

1. Where votes for Acchan in the last election will go.
2. How Sashiko ups her rank
3. Who will win the election.

Team B: Mayuyu vs Her Okaasan(Yukirin)
Team N: Saya-Nee vs Milky
Team 4 Paruru vs Ranran

SKE: How many members rank in top-64
HKT: Whether anyone will be ranked higher than 65.
AKB: Who will be out of ranking for 4 consecutive election.
NMB: Who will place 3rd in the group after Saya-Nee and Milky.

1. How many votes Yuko gain.
2. Ranking of Sashiko, Rena and Tomochin.
3. Members’ comments

1. Battle for the next center position.
2. Where votes for Acchan in the last election will go.
3. Battle for Kami7 positions
4. How Sashiko, Rena and Saya-nee will rank up.
5. Who will be in 3rd place in SKE.
6. How many positions each local groups(NMB,SKE,HKT) will get respectively.
7. How veteran members will do.

1. Will Rena, Takamina, Kojiharu and Tomochin will keep their previous ranks or rank down.
2. How Yui, Milky and Saya-Nee rank up.
3. Will any of Takajo, Sae, Jurina and Yui will be higher than 10th.
4. How many of team 4 can be ranked in 2G and 1G. (1G is hard for anyone of team4 I think…)

As a preliminary step for forming JPN48, I think a point is what faces are in top-16.

I think 1st~9th are already confirmed.
Yuko, Yukirin, Takamina, Mariko, Mayuyu, Sashiko, Kojiharu, Rena, Tomochin,

The battle will happen below top-10. If you want to be the next main figure of AKB, you must be in top-16 for this election.
I think Sae, Takajo, Yui and KitaRie has a good chance.
Jurina, Saya-Nee are on the borderline of 17th and 16th.
Miichan, Chuu, Sayaka and Amina will face very tough battle….

How come you think Saya-Nee is on the border????
If NMB-Ota won’t put their maximum efforts, she will probably not be in top-16.
And it’s likely since they already spent fortune for Nagi-Ichi.
And Tomochin is in more dire situation than than Sayaka.
Sales figure of her new single is so far disastrous!!!!
I don’t think she will be in top-10, while she will definitely in top-16.

I think Paruru will be in 3G.

Come on how come no one mentioned ‘How much Kojiharu pick up the pace in the last portion of the race.’
Every election Kojiharu-Oshi got upset that it turned out Kojiharu didn’t get much votes in the beginning to the middle of the election race, as they automatically think Kojiharu would be safe without intensive supports.

She is not my Oshi but Mayuyu is the protagonist of this election.
I know it’s a artificial story but I want to fully enjoy it.
She was nowhere in the 2nd election, lost to Yukirin in the 3rd, but she did fine considered she’d gotten fewer promotion than Yukirin.
Turned 18 y/o makes she will get more media exposure this year, expand her field of work, and Warota x Shin-chan brought big chunk of children fans for her.
It’s may be impossible to win over Yuko, but if she is to be the next center of AKB, she must place before Yukirin and Mariko by decisive lead.

I really hope Nakayan will be finally Senbatsu

How team 4 and NMB will make a great leap.
How Takamina’s rank, who is supposed to gain Acchan-Oshi’s votes, will be.
As NMB and SKE is becoming popular, will AKB’s unpopular members be permanently Hi-Senbatsu (Non-Senbatsu)

How team 4 will make a leap. I don’t think they will make a great leap but will do better than previous election, where they got disastrous results….
But my prospect is only Kawaei and Paruru will be in 3G. Annin, Juri, Karen and Miyu will see really cruel battle…. they are on the borderline of 64th and below.

Whether Tomochin lose to Sashiko and Rena.
The battle for 10th~16th.

I think Paruru will only be 30th in the best possible scenario.

I second you. Only Paruru and Suzuran can be in 2G if they will have lucky tailwind.