Yuko Oshima Made Her Mind Up For The Next Election

  April 17, 2012
In the last election, Yuko Oshima ranked No.2 with 120 thousands votes, after Atsuko Maeda who got 140 thousands. Since Acchan starred the movie and Drama, made solo debut last year, in last year we can say she had a tailwind.
Yuko on the other hand, also had a thriving year. Ranked No.1 as making-most-appearance-in-TV-Ads, and co-starred the Monday Drama ‘Watashi ga Renai dekinai Riyuu’ along with the hottest actress Yuriko Yashitaka. She played a center for AKB’s most popular song ‘Heavy Rotation’ and this was song voted No.1 of all J-pop history in various polls last year.
There is no doubt both Yuko and Acchan is the backbone of the group. But when Acchan declared her coming graduation from the group. Yuko also had a certain feeling in mind

Former Takarazuka Musical Star Amami Yuki put fire on Yuko’s heart.

Yuko talked, according to Nikkan(paper), which conducted the in depth interview with Yuko on yesterday’s issue…

“My opponent in the next election is AKB48. (skip) When Acchan said she won’t join the election, I too thought to withdraw from it.” Their close election battle often dubbed ‘Rivalry’, “We’ve never intended like that. But now after she announced her coming graduation, I realized how her existence has been affecting me. I realized how it’s essential to have a rival who get my heart burning. Honestly I feel like having a void in my heart. I could’t find anything valuable for me in the next election.” She asked AkiP through email, which reads “Am I not necessary anymore?”

But in the last election, she was in sacred mood. In the speech at the election she said “Your votes are for us, your love.”

She is a very determined and responsible person when it comes to her role as a popular idol. She said “If I were not in the election, my fans would go nowhere. They might be lost.” Akip replied to her, “If you withdraw from the election, then AKB48 will collapse. But I promise you I’ll never let you take all pressures and responsibilities of AKB48.” If both of AKB’s Ace would leave the group, no doubt AKB will go onto sharp downhill. She came to firm determination. “I will fight. I will put everything to the election.”

She understand vaguely what AkiP meant by ‘I don’t let you take all the pressure’. Yuko has never been selected to be a center by AkiP until now and in the future. She said “I wish that too. Center position is so precious for me because that is present from fans to us. Election is an event that fans give us a chance to be selected to Senbatsu once a year, so we are willing to receive their votes. Though there will be a next chance, but I don’t know what it brings in the future until it actually comes. This is the last chance (for me).”

“But she is also concerning about the Generation Change just like Acchan. Then she happened to have a chance to get advise from Yuki Amami, the former star of Takarazuka Musical.” During the filming of the Drama ‘Kaeru no Princess’, Amani said to Yuko “You just gotta continue what you’ve been doing, Yuko-chan.” “If you are concerning about younger generations, then it means there still aren’t your successors. If you don’t feel threatened by them, then they still have a long way to reach the same place as you.”

Amami herself was promoted in her 1st year in Takarazuka, passing many of students who were in the Musical far before her. After Acchan revealed her intention to graduate the group, Yuko collapsed in Amami’s arms and cried as if the dam exceeded the limit and just got broke.

“After Amami-san gave me a word, clouds in my mind was cleared away. Honestly I feel I can take a relieved breath when someone who can threat my existence appear. But if those members don’t appear, then I am gonna do what I’ve been doing. This year AKB will lose Acchan, so the left members have to re-build AKB again. I want to be a footstep for this important step for AKB… I am glad if after going beyond me, AKB48 will find it’s new form.”

It’s not just Yuko, but this Nikkan’s article also determined her fans. One fans declared “Yuki-neesan is so cool. I know she is gonna win either way, but I gonna buy 40 records for her. “

Recently former SDN48 member Megumi Ohori gave her comment when asked her thought on the next election at the release event of her DVD, said “Nowadays there are so many new members in the group and they are thriving. AKB memebrs are also doing very well, so it’s very tough question..”. But after the hesitation, she made her stance clear, said “But I want to support my former teammates (team K), if I have to choose. Personally I pick Yuko-chan who has been doing great as an actress these days.”

So, who do you think win the next election? As all the bets may go on Yuko, Yukirin has captured Chinese and Japanese (male) fans heart at surprising pace, and you can’t forget rising-star, Sashiko, the representative of Otaku fans. Mayuyu, who made her solo debut this February, Mariko, who is the queen of Social Networking site in Japan are also serious contenders for Yuko. As one chapter of AKB48 is about to close, what kind of rivalry, you think, will emerge in the election? Sound off in commetns 🙂