TOKYO newspaper Dissed Saba-Dol Mayuyu

  May 5, 2012
As Japan’s all nuclear power plants has been halted, Tokyo newspaper introduced a satire comic based on Mayuyu-starring Drama series Saba-Dol.

“Goobye GNP54 (GNP: 原発, nuclear power plant)”
Last member of GNP54 Tomari Harako “I suspended my activity as an idol. But… it’s ironical that the name of the last member is Tomari… (tomari=stop, suspend). But I and other members can make a comeback if you support us!!!! We can comeback!!!! (Severe booing!!) Okay….. (put down mic on the stage floor)……..”

I don’t know whether Mangaga for this sstire is a Mayuyu-Ota or just wanted to say AKB is the same as nuclear power plants, which means both are useless. But one thing for sure is even if Mayuyu was got banned from authorities, I would still secretly be Mayuyu-Ota and AKB-Ota, which kinda like a AKB0048‘s situation? But come on please people around Mayuyu… don’t let her see this paper….this is too dark for even veteran politicians who are immune to this kind of harsh dissing…